Amazon’s Prime Now is an extremely fast delivery service that focuses primarily on delivering food and groceries within 2 hours of purchase. Prime Now first launched in New York City in 2014, since then Prime Now is available in a majority of cities across the United States. Only Amazon Prime subscribers can utilize Prime Now.

Prime Now can be accessed via their website or their mobile app that is available on Apple’s App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

What Products Are Available On Prime Now?


What Is Prime Now

The options available for purchase on Prime Now are contingent to the city they’re purchased in. All cities that Prime Now serves have the option to shop from Whole Foods. However, other cities have local vendors that Amazon has partnered with that aren’t available in other cities.

With Whole Foods, Prime Now offers a wide array of grocery options that will be delivered at your doorstep no later than 2 hours after purchase. Whole foods offer fresh produce, frozen foods, deli items, meat, cheese, personal care products and more.

Amazon Products

Prime Now Restaurants

Many cities with Prime Now have the option to order products from Amazon that aren’t food or groceries. The products available from Amazon on Prime Now include clothing, electronics, baby products, hygiene products, pet supplies and more.


Prime Now Cities

Along with Amazon products and groceries, Prime Now also delivers fresh food from restaurants to the door of their customer’s home. Depending on the city, Prime Now has many different restaurants to choose from.

The Restaurants available on Prime Now range from cheap bites like sandwiches and pizza to more expensive items like steak and sushi. It all depends on the area you live in for what is available.

How Does it Work?

Prime Now

First, you’ll have to go to Prime Now’s website or mobile app and login with your Amazon Prime account. After logging in, you will be prompted to enter your zip code or choose the city you are in. Depending on your city you will be given options from which store you want to shop from.

Amazon Prime Now Restaurants

After choosing the store, browse through available items and add them to your cart. If your total cost equals to $35 or greater, then 2-hour delivery will be FREE and 1-hour delivery will cost $4.99. If the total cost is lower than $35 then 2-hour delivery will cost $4.99 and 1-hour delivery will cost $9.99.

Local sales tax will be applied depending on the state and city you are purchasing in. A $5 tip will be recommended by default and can be edited to cost more, less or the tip can be removed entirely. 100% of tips will go to the courier, not to Prime Now. Delivery hours generally range from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

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