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What Is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex is Google’s AI system that was debuted at Google I/O in May 2018. Google Duplex is currently able to make calls to restaurants to book a reservation for the user. Google Duplex uses its insanely realistic sounding AI to make a call and secure a reservation without sounding like a robot.

Here’s a video released by Google of Duplex being used to book a reservation at a restaurant. As you can see from the video, the AI voice sounds insanely human and even uses the word “um”, a word that an AI has no functional need for aside from sounding human.

Google Duplex first went live in November 2018 in a select number of cities and states. Since then Google Duplex has been expanded to every state except for Kentucky and Louisiana. At first, Google Duplex was only available on Google Pixel phones but it is now available on all Android phones running Android 5.0 or better.

Google Duplex is fully integrated into Google Assistant so there’s no need to get a separate app from Google Assistant to use Duplex. All Android devices come with Assistant pre-installed while iPhones will need to download the Google Assistant app on the App Store.

What Can Google Duplex Do?

Google Duplex is designed to be able to make calls for the user and book appointments while sounding like an actual human assistant despite announcing itself as “the Google Assistant.” Currently, Duplex can only make reservations to restaurants.

Google plans on expanding Duplex’s reach beyond booking restaurants to allow users to book hair, nail, doctor appointments and more.

Google Duplex

When we demoed Duplex the first restaurant we chose did not accept reservations. Google knew the restaurant didn’t take reservations and notified us of that while providing the restaurant’s phone number.

How To Use Google Duplex

To make a reservation with Google Duplex you must first activate your Google Assistant. Do this by saying “Ok or Google”, holding your finger on the home button, or by opening the Google Assistant app directly. Once Google Assistant is activated tell it to book a reservation at a specific restaurant.

What Is Google Duplex

Assistant will then acknowledge which restaurant you want to make a reservation for and ask how many people the reservation is for.

Google Ai Duplex

After confirming how many people the reservation is for, Assistant will then ask which day the reservation is for.

Duplex Google

After confirming the day the reservation is for, Assistant will ask what time the reservation is for.

Google Duplex Download

And just in case that reservation time doesn’t work, Assistant will ask for an alternate time that would work as well. After making the reservation, Assistant will send you a notification on your device confirming your reservation has been made.

If Google Duplex can’t contact the restaurant it will then notify you of this. You can also ask Duplex to cancel the reservation and Google Assistant will call the restaurant back and cancel it for you.

Google Duplex is truly an amazing advancement with AI technology that mimics the human voice and tone to a degree that would be indistinguishable if it didn’t announce itself as “the Google Assistant.” Google Duplex will make our lives easier by helping us spend less time on the phone dealing with people.

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