Shark Sonic Duo Review

You love when your home is spotless, but you hate spending hours cleaning it? We know. Plus, when you add to that the fact that you have to use different cleaning tools, accessories, and chemicals, you may end up a bit lightheaded. Well, it seems that Shark has found a way to simplify cleaning with its all-in-one system. Or has it?

Getting rid of all the additional brushes, mops, and swiffers has long been a dream of ours. So when a company like Shark claims that their new product will make them all obsolete, we have to check. Oh, please let it be so.  

The Basics

The idea behind this all-in-one cleaning device is that vacuums never truly clean your floors and carpets. They pick up loose dirt, but not the dirt that’s stuck. Sonic Duo offers a unique combination of a sonic cleaning technology and sonic cleaning solutions. As a result, floors and carpets start looking cleaner and brighter after every cleaning with Sonic Duo.

But hold your horses, this thing isn’t perfect. It isn’t cordless, and it has absolutely no suction whatsoever. It does clean, but it does so thanks to a back and forth scrubbing action of two cleaning heads. So it will pull the dirt out for you to vacuum, but it won’t pick it all up.

The cleaning pads this thing uses are washable, so you won’t have to spend extra money on that whenever you clean your place. The cleaning solutions are concentrated, non-toxic, safe for both humans and animals, and biodegradable. That basically means you don’t have to worry when using them on your floors.

The Design

Shark Sonic Duo Refills

Simple, to-the-point, and comfortable, Sonic Duo is made to make life easier. It has a long handle with a switch, the liquid container is easy to remove and put back, and the pads are easy to put on and take off the cleaning heads. Everything is made to be user-friendly, so even a child could use this thing.

Shark Sonic Duo Features

* 2 scrub modes — one for hard floors, one for carpets
* Cleaning solutions for every type of cleaning — hard floor, carpet, spot removal, and polish.
* Swivel steering
* AirGlide maneuverability
* Headlights
* 1.000 scrubs per minute

What’s In Sonic Duo’s Box?

The cleaner itself, of course, but also a bunch of useful additions. One carpet/rug cleaning pad, one scrub’n’stain pad, one polishing pad, and two hard floor cleaning pads.

Since this is a cleaning system, Shark also added all the cleaning solutions you might need — a carpet cleaner, activating pretreater, hard floor and wood cleaner, and hard floor and wood polish. Of course, in time you’ll need more of these, but this is a rather good starter pack.

Shark Sonic Duo Performance

So it seems interesting enough, it promises a lot, but how does it clean? We tested it on old, smudged carpets, wooden and tile floors, and we tried out every solution that comes in the box.


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We have to say; this is where this device simply shines. Cleaning hard floors like tile, wood, vinyl, or linoleum with this is a breeze. It breaks up dirt and stains quickly, and we didn’t have to apply almost any pressure, the 1.000 scrubs per minute were more than enough, even for dried ketchup on the kitchen floor.

It cleans, and it polished wonderfully.


Sonic Duo

We did everything according to the instructions, and we’re not impressed. Yes, it does pull out the dirt from the carpets and enables you to vacuum it, but it doesn’t do much other than that. The carpets we tested it on looked cleaner, but definitely not perfectly clean. Still, it has better results than cleaning by hand does, and in our book, that’s still rather good.

What Do the Users Have to Say?

It seems that users share our opinion — this is a good tool, but far from perfect.

In our tests, it did ok, but not well enough to justify the price tag. With 3.5 on Amazon and 514 positive reviews, this cleaner apparently doesn’t impress.

According to those who like it, this cleaner is a Jack of all trades, but only a master of one — hard floor cleaning.

Those who disliked don’t mind its performance or build quality, they just think its results are completely underwhelming when you take the price into consideration.

The Pros of Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Carpet Cleaner Reviews

This machine is versatile, it can reach almost any nook and cranny, and its swivel steering and a long handle make it rather comfortable to use. It is absolutely amazing for removing stains and polishing hard floors. The LED headlights are a thoughtful addition that makes polishing hard floors easier and more precise.

We definitely like the cleaning solutions, they work well and leave a fresh scent in the air. Furthermore, while on the subject, the cleaning pads aren’t bad either. The material is durable, and they are washable and reusable, so they help save a few dollars.

The Cons of Shark Sonic Duo

On hard floors, you need to vacuum before using this, and on carpets after, so it’s not a truly all-in-one system.

It weighs almost 20 pounds, which makes it a bit too heavy for some users.
We really didn’t like the short power cord; you have to use an extension cord or move from one outlet to the other until you finish.

And lastly, carpet performance is underwhelming. It’s better than cleaning by hand but much worse than a traditional carpet cleaner.

The Verdict Is In

Shark Sonic Duo Pro

If you want to forget all about sore backs and painful necks after house-cleaning, Sonic Duo will help make it happen. It won’t clean as deeply and thoroughly as the best carpet cleaners out there, but it will do good enough of a job. So if you’re looking to clean mainly hard surfaces, and a rug or two, this is great. On the other hand, if your home is full of carpets, we’d recommend sticking to traditional cleaning methods.

Shark Sonic Duo Review
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7.0/10


The Shark Sonic Duo is a carpet and hard floor steam cleaner that can get the job done, although there are some areas that could be improved. Overall it is not recommended.

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