Shark Navigator vs Rotator

Shark is one of the leading companies of home vacuum machines on the market. Two of their most popular models available are the Shark Rotator and the Shark Navigator. Both vacuums have had many different models in the past and currently, have multiple models to choose from.

In this guide, we will be focusing on the most affordable models for both the Rotator and Navigator brands, the Shark Rotator NV680 and the Shark Navigator NV70. We will cover both the unique differences and similarities between these two models.


Both the Rotator and the Navigator are corded upright vacuums that utilize brushrolls and suction to clean floors. Each model comes with a washable HEPA filter that effectively filters 99% of the allergens from the air that passes through the filter.


Shark Navigator Vs Rotator

The Rotator NV680 comes in a cool turquoise blue and measures 46 inches in height. The cleaning path of the Rotator is slightly larger than the Navigator measuring a total of 10.5 inches. The Rotator’s cord length is longer than the Navigator’s measuring 30 feet.

The dustbin on the Rotator is considerably smaller than Navigator’s with a total capacity of 0.9 quarts. The Rotator’s detachable hose is shorter than the Navigators measuring 6 feet. The Rotator is lighter than the Navigator weighing 13.2 pounds.


Shark Rotator Vs Navigator

The Navigator NV70 comes in a light brown shade and has a few key design differences from its Rotator counterpart. The Navigator is slightly shorter than the Rotator coming in at 45.5 inches in height. The cleaning path of the Navigator is smaller than the Rotators measuring 9.25 inches.

The Navigator’s cord length is shorter than the Rotator’s measuring 25 feet in length. A major difference between the two models is the dustbin size, with the Navigator’s being triple the size of the Rotator’s with a capacity of 2.9 quarts.

The Navigator’s detachable hose is also considerably larger than the Rotator’s measuring a total of 10 feet in length. The Navigator is heavier than the Rotator weighing a total of 15.2 pounds.


Both the Rotator and the Navigator have similar features including swivel steering that allows the user to maneuver both vacuums with ease around corners and under furniture. Each comes with a detachable hose and multiple attachments for the hose including a crevice tool and an upholstery tool.


Shark Rotator

Of the two models, the Rotator NV680 is equipped with the most unique features. The Rotator has 10 LED lights located on the front of the cleaning head allowing the user to see dirt and dust in dark areas and under furniture. Controls are located on the handle to seamlessly switch back and forth between carpet and bare floors.

The most prominent feature of the Rotator NV680 is the Lift-Away mode that allows the canister that houses the motor and dustbin to be removed from the body of the vacuum. Removing the canister allows the vacuum more room to maneuver around and under furniture, it otherwise couldn’t.


Shark Rotator Vacuum

The Navigator NV70 does not have many defining features compared to its Rotator counterpart. However, the Navigator has a much larger dustbin than the Rotator and its detachable hose extends longer into hard-to-reach areas than the Rotator’s detachable hose.

Cost & Warranty


Difference Between Shark Navigator And Rotator

The Rotator NV680 costs about $210, comes with free shipping and a 7-year warranty. Financing with 0% APR is available with payments costing as low as $18/month.


Shark Rotator Lift Away

The Navigator NV70 costs less than the Rotator coming in at about $170, about $40 cheaper than the Rotator. Shipping is free and a 5-year warranty is included. Financing with 0% APR is available with payments costing as low as $15/month.


Each model has its own defining features and differences. Both come with features and tools expected from an upright vacuum. However, whether one model is better than the other is up to the user’s own needs. For those who need their vacuum to be able to maneuver in tight areas, the Rotator would be the most ideal choice.

For those that need a larger dustbin or an extra long detachable hose then the Navigator would be the best solution. Before choosing which model to purchase, assess what functions you will need most from a vacuum.

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