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Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Review

The Shark brand is well-known for offering high-performing, innovative vacuum cleaners and steam mops at an affordable price, and the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is no exception. This mid-level bagless upright vacuum packs all the power of its pricier competitors into one lightweight, versatile machine that’s capable of cleaning up tough messes with ease.

In this review, we’ll explore all the basics of this vacuum, as well as its features and benefits. So let’s begin!

Who is the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 for?

The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is a solid vacuum that’s great for smaller homes and apartments. It provides deep carpet cleaning on all types of carpet from low pile to plush, and it’s equally effective yet gentle on hard floors with the brush roll shutoff function.

This vacuum is ideal for anyone who wants a powerful and effective machine that won’t break the bank. If you have pets or need to clean a lot of hard-to-reach areas, the long flexible hose and attachment tools make it easy to tackle any mess.


Shark Navigator Dlx

The Shark NV42 is relatively light for its class at 15 pounds. The vacuum body is a subtle champagne color, and it comes with a large, 2.6-quart dust cup. This allows you to vacuum longer without having to stop and empty the cup between every room. Shark’s patented Never Lose Suction technology spins the dust and dirt into the canister and keeps it moving, which helps to maintain suction even when the cup is almost full.

The cleaning path is somewhat narrow at 9.25 inches, but the vacuum more than makes up for that with its ease of use and 1200 watts of suction power. The narrow cleaning path allows you to maneuver around furniture and obstacles since it fits into tight paths better than some wider vacuum models. The 25-foot power cord provides plenty of reach for bigger rooms and long hallways.

Shark optimized the brush roll to effectively clean all types of carpet without the need for height adjustment. The suction release valve at the top of the hose lets you lower the suction power if you experience difficulty when pushing the vacuum over a plush carpet. This is also quite handy for vacuuming area rugs that tend to get stuck in the vacuum or lift off of the floor.


Shark covered all the bases with a dusting brush, a 5.5-inch crevice tool, and a pet hair power brush. With the flexible hose and crevice tool, you can comfortably reach up to 10 feet to clean up high, behind the couch, under the bed, or along baseboards.




Don’t let the low price tag fool you: this vacuum packs a ton of power. We were impressed by how much it excels on low and medium carpets, digging deep into the fibers and removing everything including embedded fine dust, pet hairs, and cat litter in just a few passes.

The vacuum is easy to push and pull, but the super suction power makes it a little tough to move on a plush carpet. The suction release valve does help with that, though.

The narrow cleaning path made it easy to get between and behind furniture, so you don’t have to constantly switch to tools for hard-to-reach areas. This model doesn’t include a swivel head like the NV350 Lift-Away vacuum, but nevertheless, it was easy to maneuver.

After a thorough vacuum session, the dust cup was full of debris and fine dust that previous vacuums missed. Even when the cup was full, the suction power remained strong.

Another plus of this vacuum is its quieter operation compared to other similar upright models.

Hard Floors and Rugs

Shark Nv42 Review

Area rugs were a breeze to clean with the suction release valve. Some lighter-weight rugs did lift because of the intense suction power, but all in all, the Shark did a beautiful job on a notoriously cumbersome task.

The brush roll shutoff switch makes it simple to transition onto hard floors, as well. The Shark NV42 did a great job of picking up debris on hardwood and laminate floors without scratching or damaging the material.

Attachment Performance

Shark Navigator Deluxe Nv42 Review

When coupled with the extra-long extension hose, the attachments provided an impressive amount of suction power and allowed for versatility.

Crevice Tool

The crevice tool had just the right size and shape for reaching into tight edges, sliding door tracks, small corners, and between cushions. At 5.5 inches, this narrow tool isn’t quite long enough to reach all the way into very narrow passages, such as underneath low furniture or appliances.

Dusting Brush

The dusting brush is ideal for dusting bookcases or furniture, and it did so without trapping too much debris in its bristles.

Pet Hair Power Brush

The pet hair power brush was the most impressive of the attachments. It has lint strips that grab onto pet hair, and the spinning brush roll easily pulls everything into the vacuum with one or two passes. It worked beautifully on upholstery, but it would also be useful for vacuuming a mattress, car interior, or even fabrics.

If you need a longer crevice tool or additional compatible attachments for your vacuum like a motorized floor nozzle, you can check out the Shark official website for more options.

Filtration System

Shark Nv42

The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 doesn’t have HEPA filtration, but it does come with anti-allergen complete seal technology. This means that air doesn’t escape from the vacuum until it passes through the three washable filters included with the machine.

The filters included with the vacuum are a foam pre-motor filter, a felt pre-motor filter, and a post-motor filter. These are all washable, lifetime filters that never need to be replaced.


Shark recommends cleaning the pre-motor filters once every three months or more often if suction is reduced. The post-motor filter only needs to be cleaned once a year with normal use.

Filter Cleaning

Cleaning the filters is a simple process. You just remove the filters from their housing and tap excess dust into the trash, then rinse the filters under running water until it runs clear. Let the filters dry for at least 24 hours before replacing them in the vacuum.

Lifetime Belt System

One big plus of this vacuum is its lifetime belt system, so no more replacing and repositioning broken or worn belts. If you accidentally run over a sock or thick carpet edge and it blocks the brush roll or air flow, the motor automatically shuts off. Just turn off the power and remove the obstruction (you can detach the hose from the vacuum to reach blockages) to begin vacuuming again.

Canister Cleaning

Shark Navigator

Cleaning the dust canister is easy and should be done after each use. There’s a release button at the bottom of the canister, so you can just hold it over the trash, press the release button and the door opens to empty out the contents of the canister. Tap it on the sides to loosen any trapped dirt, and you’re good to go.


The Shark NV42 isn’t a completely perfect machine. One noticeable flaw is that you can’t store all the attachments on the vacuum. This isn’t a big problem, but if you like to keep all of your attachments in one place on the machine, you’re out of luck.

The narrow cleaning path might not be ideal for larger homes since it requires more passes to cover an entire room. While the vacuum is somewhat lightweight, the extra effort it requires can get tiring for some people.

When using the hose, the vacuum tends to tip over more easily than other models because of its design and center of gravity. This is preventable if you don’t pull too hard or overextend the hose, but it’s still a bit of an issue if you’re not careful.

Final Verdict

The Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 is a popular vacuum cleaner for a good reason, and it’s not just the low price point. It’s relatively nimble and easy to use aside from a few minor grievances like a shorter crevice tool and possible tipping. It works well overall for most jobs, and it would be a great entry-level vacuum for anyone not willing to spend more than $130 for a powerful vacuum.

Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Review
  • 8.8/10
    Overall - 8.8/10

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