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Shark IonFlex Review

Vacuuming your home can feel like a tedious chore, especially when you’re using the wrong vacuum cleaner. But it doesn’t have to be that way – especially if you have a cordless vacuum that lets you clean carpets, hard floors, upholstery, and just about anywhere else with speed and efficiency.

Shark vacuums are well known for being at the top of their game when it comes to innovation and performance. Their IonFlex cordless vacuum is designed for convenience and ease of use, and it’s packed with plenty of power and useful features that allow it to easily go head to head with the likes of more expensive Dyson options.

Keep reading to find out what those features are, as well as what we liked about this vacuum and what we didn’t. 

About the Shark IonFlex

The Shark IonFlex vacuum has a lot going for it in terms of versatility and suction power. It’s great for whole-house, floor-to-ceiling cleaning, and its long battery life will give you plenty of runtime to get the job done.

The entire unit clocks in at about 8.7 lbs. which is about average for this type of vacuum. It has an 8.6-inch cleaning path, which isn’t very wide, but it does make it easier to fit into narrower spaces.

One of its standout features is its MultiFlex ability, which is basically just a flexible part of the handle that allows you to bend the vacuum at the push of a button so you can easily reach underneath furniture. This ability also allows you to fold the vacuum up into a compact size for easy storage.

Shark Ionflex 2x Reviews

This vacuum also transforms into a handheld so you can clean anywhere, including your car interior or any areas where a regular vacuum won’t reach.

Shark Ionflex 2x Duoclean

The vacuum has DuoClean technology that uses two brushrolls – one is a bristle brush that deep cleans carpets and pulls up fine debris, and the other is a soft brush that pulls up larger debris and directly contacts hard floors for an extra clean look.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean


If battery life is a big concern to you, the Shark IonFlex uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery that gives you up to 25 minutes of uninterrupted performance when you choose the lowest power setting. You’ll get about half that at higher power settings, however.

That’s more runtime than you’ll get out of many other cordless vacuums, but if it’s not enough, you can purchase an additional battery separately so you’ll always have a backup handy for longer cleaning sessions.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean Cordless

The battery has three light indicators on it to let you know how much power is left while you’re using it and while it’s charging to alert you when it’s fully charged. And it takes about 3.5 hours to charge, which is about average when compared to other cordless stick vacuums on the market.


The accessories that come with the IonFlex are just enough to add to its versatility when cleaning things like pet hair, furniture, upholstery, and anything above the floor, but not so much as to be redundant or excessive.

You’ll get an 8-inch crevice tool that can help you reach ceilings, into narrow spaces, or along edges and baseboards.

Shark Ion Flex Duo Clean

There is also a pet multi-tool that essentially functions as two products in one. It has stiff bristles to clean up any type of debris from a multitude of surfaces.

If you remove the detachable brush portion, it becomes a pet hair tool that grabs onto and removes stubborn pet hair from upholstery.

Shark Ionflex Cordless Vacuum

The anti-allergen dust brush has a flat design that’s surrounded by a brush, and it’s great for dusting furniture, knick knacks, and other delicate items. It’s also narrow enough to fit into very tight spaces.

Shark Ionflex 2x Costco

The precision duster is a long, flexible tube with a micro-crevice tool on the end that works great for things like keyboards, car interiors, delicate items, and just about anything that would require a smaller accessory to reach.

Shark Ionflex Reviews


The Shark IonFlex is very easy to maintain, and it comes with two washable lifetime filters – one foam and one felt. These need to be cleaned at least once a month for the best performance, too.

They aren’t HEPA filters, though, so if allergies are a problem at your household, this vacuum might not be the best choice.

Shark Ionflex Duoclean Reviews

The 0.8-quart dust cup is on the smaller side, so you’ll have to empty it frequently if you have a lot to clean. However, it’s easy to empty. You just remove the handheld vacuum, position it over top of the trash can, and press the dust cup release button to release the bottom-opening door and drop the debris into the trash.

The brushroll cover is removable without a screwdriver, so you can clean off the brushrolls and remove any twisted up hair, string, or fibers when you need to without any hassle. The soft brushroll is also washable in plain water, so you can clean it whenever the need arises.

Another nice feature of this vacuum is that you’ll never need to replace the belt, so that’s one less thing to worry about when it comes to maintenance. If the brushroll gets clogged or stopped, it automatically shuts off the power so you can remove the obstruction and begin vacuuming again.


This vacuum gets high marks for performance, and it easily cleans up everything in its path on all types of carpet and hard floors. It has no problem with fine or large debris, and generally only requires a few passes for tough messes.

Plus, the LED lights on the brush head makes it easy to see what you’re vacuuming in lower light areas.

Suction power is excellent, but it’s not quite at the level of a Dyson. With that said, you can easily clean up most types of debris without any problems whatsoever.

It really excels on tiled floors, since the two brushrolls can easily grab debris from crevices between tiles without the need for tons of passes. It definitely performs better than the more inexpensive and underpowered stick vacuums on the market.

You can choose from carpet or floor settings, as well as extend runtime and max power modes depending on your cleaning needs. And while extend runtime does give you a longer battery life, max cleaning mode works the best for carpets.

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Another thing that we really liked is that this vacuum is self-standing, so it won’t tip over like most stick vacuums do when they’re not placed in their dock. That’s not an issue with this vacuum, and the fact that it folds up to half its size when it’s not in use is great if you don’t have a lot of extra storage space.


You can typically find the Shark IonFlex for around $300, which isn’t too bad considering some higher-end models run upwards of $500.

You can still get top-level quality with this vacuum, minus the hefty price tag. And it comes with a 5-year limited warranty that covers any issues with workmanship.


Shark Ionflex Duoclean Cordless Ultra Light Vacuum

Overall, we’d have to say that this vacuum actually gives all other stick vacuums a run for their money. Its greatest strength is its versatility, and the MultiFlex ability combined the built-in handheld with useful accessories give it an edge over most other cordless stick vacuums.

One big drawback is that this vacuum isn’t HEPA-rated, so it’s not the best choice if allergies are an issue.

Despite the fact that the dust cup is on the small side and the cleaning path is rather narrow, this vacuum offers great performance and is most ideal for a small to medium-sized home or apartment.

Shark IonFlex Review
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


The Shark DuoClean packs a lot of performance and versatility in a highly functional and easy-to-use design. This vacuum is great for small to medium-sized homes, and it excels at cleaning hard floors.

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