Rowenta VU5670 Review

A household name in small appliances, Rowenta has come a long way since their electric irons brought their company to the forefront in 1919.

Fast forward to today, and we’re now reviewing the Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme Fan. Rowenta is so confident in this pedestal fan’s performance that the company describes it as their most powerful, quiet fan.

Will the Rowenta VU5670 be your new favorite fan to stop you from sweating throughout the humid days? Can it keep you cool and comfortable year-round?

Let’s get into more specifics to find out!

Rowenta VU5670 Performance

Rowenta VU5670

The Rowenta VU5670 is the Turbo Silence Extreme fan for a reason. So, let’s focus on the two keywords: Turbo and Silence.

The turbo airflow in the VU5670 gets up to a powerful 2.436 cubic feet per minute.

To emphasize the silence, this powerful fan operates at 35db (A). In case you aren’t familiar with various sound levels, allow us to explain.

The noise level of a whisper is 20db (A). That means that as the Rowenta fan oscillates and releases strong currents of cold air, the noise level is only slightly above that of a whisper.

By understanding these decibels of audible sound, you can see how impressive the Rowena VU5670 sound specifications are by comparison.

Rowenta VU5670 Controls

The Rowenta VU5670 has a control panel on the body of the fan. This integrated control panel sports a user-friendly menu and design, which allows for easy airflow adjustments.

Users also can have a seat while adjusting the VU5670. The fan comes with a remote control that changes the fan settings from across the room to suit your preferences.

Rowenta VU5670 Fan

Another perk worth mentioning is the remote control storage unit. Just stick the remote inside the carrying handle slot to avoid losing it or damaging the controller.

On the remote control, you’ll find 5 settings meant to match your comfort level. The most popular of the airflow settings is the Turbo Boost and Silent Night Mode.

Use the Turbo Boost for maximum power.

In Silent Night Mode, the fan operates so quietly, you might forget it’s running! But fret not because Rowenta has also given this fan energy efficient features.

Rowenta VU5670 Energy Efficiency

Considering the fact that many of our household items use additional energy simply because we don’t turn the power off, the Rowenta VU5670 fan counters the possibility of excess energy waste through its features.

The energy-conscious consumer will appreciate the settings on the Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme. Airflow decreases as it reaches full efficiency and a timer is available as an option for turning off the fan automatically.

Rowenta VU5670 Review 2019

You can set the ROWENTA VU5670 timer to run the fan for up to 8 hours. Using the timer is ideal for people who prefer drifting off into a cool slumber during the night or may forget to turn off the fan during the day.

Rowenta VU5670 Design

Home décor enthusiasts and office professionals can easily match their interior space with the Rowenta VU5670.

Coated in metallic silver and black with blue blades, the fan has a contemporary look and modern design that adds a unique luxury appeal.

The Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme is made of plastic and stainless steel. These elements keep the fan lightweight, sturdy and functional – which works out well when moving the fan to a different home or area of the room.

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme Review

Rowenta VU5670 Warranty

The full year warranty on the Rowenta VU5670 is another benefit worth noting. When you opt for the warranty, Rowenta will repair your product, during (and after) the warranty period.

You can find Rowenta’s specific warranty information on their website.

Rowenta VU5670 Additional Features

Circulating a 16-inch fan head enclosing five blades, the Rowenta VU5670 is expansive enough to cool the entire room with a sleek body that doesn’t cover too much ground.

If you’re particular about the direction your cool air blows, this pedestal fan can tilt at just about any angle.

The height of the telescopic pole is adjustable by 42-54 inches. When you convert these measurements into feet, the VU5670 can stand between 3.5 – 4.5 feet high.

Rowenta VU5670 Assembly

Expect a well-packaged fan that’s secured for damage protection upon delivery. Also, you’ll do most of the work by hand when assembling the Rowenta Turbo Silence Extreme fan.

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme

Total assembly time is roughly 20 minutes with this product. For some, the fan is easy to put together within 10 minutes. For others, the assembly may take 30 minutes.

It all depends on how quickly you can get one screw driven into the base.

The Final Review Verdict

If you’ve been relying on cheap fans, the Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme will introduce you to a much-needed upgrade.

With multiple options for speed, airflow direction, and user-friendly controls, the Rowenta VU5670 checks out as a stylish, high- performance pedestal fan that will keep you cool day and night.

We docked a point on this fan for the price. While the Rowenta VU5670 is filled with commendable features, the cost can be a deterrent to consumers searching for a quality pedestal fan.

The Pros

  • Powerful, silent airflow
  • Remote control operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Elegant design
  • Warranty

The Cons

  • Expensive
Rowenta VU5670 Review
  • 9/10
    Overall - 9.0/10


The Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Extreme is an excellent fan that will fit most homes well. We highly recommend it.

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