Rowenta Ultrasteam Review

Rowenta has quite a rich history of innovation, lightweight, and beautifully designed steamers and their Ultrasteam brush delivers an efficient steaming solution for those who have creased garments and do not have time to retrieve the ironing board and iron. The Rowenta Ultrasteam is a compact, high-performance gadget that’s easy to use and incredibly ergonomic.

This hand-held steaming brush is perfect for light-duty or quick touch-up needs as well as use on delicate fabric. This powerful 800 Watt steaming brush boasts a special electronic pump that offers on-demand steam with a single press of the trigger.

In this piece, we will explore this steaming brush and deliver a comprehensive review of all its features and benefits. Moreover, we will also look at the few aspects that did not impress its users. Let’s get started!

The Design

Rowenta Ultrasteam Review

Power and Steam Output

The Rowenta Ultrasteam brush is designed for optimal steam efficiency with a power output of 800 Watts. This steaming brush provides vertical steam that helps to quickly remove wrinkles while at the same time protecting your delicate garments. If you are looking to make some last minute touch-ups on your garments, this is gadget offers a quick steaming solution on-the-go.

Easy to Use and Carry Around

Having a great reputation for innovation, Rowenta did not fall short with the design of this steaming brush. The steamer comes in a compact design that makes it comfortable to hold and run over creased clothes. Besides, the ergonomic trigger and 7.2 feet cord are designed to simplify your last minute touch-ups with minimal effort.

In addition to making it a gadget that’s easy to use, its compact design also makes this steaming brush a carry on-the-go gadget that you can slide in your bag when going for a vacation.

Large Fabric Brush and Steam Head

Rowenta Ultrasteam

When it comes to last-minute garment steaming, you want to have maximum steam distribution, and the Rowenta Ultrasteam brush does precisely that. Arguably the most noticeable design aspect of this steaming brush, the large fabric brush and steam head ensure that there is maximum steam distribution. And why is this impressive? You will only perform a few touches on your garment because a single steaming cycle covers close to a third of the entire steaming area.

And apart from the 400 microholes for even steam diffusion, the stainless steel soleplate has an ultra-thin coating that offers scratch-resistant strength and a nonstick gliding to protect delicate fabrics.

Removable Water Tank

This easy-to-use steaming brush comes with a 1.86-ounce, removable water tank that you can refill instantly when the need arises. And you do not have to worry about refilling the transparent tank frequently because the water is enough to steam four garments at a go. What’s more exciting about the gadget is that you can use tap water.


Rowenta DR6015 Ultrasteam

For full-power cleaning or quick touch-ups, this steaming brush is typically ready for use in 50 seconds, and steam release is activated by an ergonomically-placed trigger that is easy to reach with the first finger. Unlike other steamers where you must be on the lookout for leaks when you’re not steaming, the Rowenta Ultrasteam does not bubble on the inside when you are not steaming. Besides, the steamer’s hose remains cool, and you do not have to worry about a scald.

We were particularly impressed by the steam dial which varies from garment to garment use since it is a feature found in the more expensive steamers. This makes it great for fragile fabrics like rayon, suits, silk, polyester, beaded, and non-natural fabrics. And if you need more steam for a heavy garment, this steamer comes with a pump that delivers an extra burst to eliminate all the stubborn wrinkles. Its broad head offers a quick and efficient diffusion of steam and gave results that surpassed our expectations for a compact steaming brush.


Rowenta DR6015 Review

If you are a frequent traveler, this is a steaming brush you will love all thanks to the extra accessories it comes with. The Rowenta Ultrasteam comes with onboard accessories like a lint pad, removable fabric brush, and a travel pouch. The lint pad removes lint and hair effortlessly for the perfect finish on your garments, the removable fabric brush opens up garment fibers for efficient steam diffusion, and the travel pouch allows this steaming brush to follow you anywhere you need it to.

We cannot also forget the hanging hook which makes storage of the steaming brush very convenient, whether you are travelling or at home.

In spite all its incredible features, there are two main drawbacks to the steamer’s performance. One of the drawbacks is that the steaming brush is not durable enough for anyone who wants to enjoy frequent use and second, the small tank size limits the number of garments you can steam at a go.

The Verdict

Our Rowenta Ultrasteam review concludes that this steamer performs well under most conditions and is an efficient solution for light wrinkle removal. This is a basic steamer that is good for freshening up and getting rid of light creases. And although it is compact, it comes with useful features that are synonymous with larger and more expensive steamers.

Rowenta Ultrasteam Review
  • 6.1/10
    Overall - 6.1/10


Overall, we think that the Rowenta Ultrasteam is not a good buy. It can get the job done, but it’s simply not getting the job done properly. It is a decent basic steamer, but not one that we would recommend.

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