Rowenta IS6520 Review

Since 1909, Rowenta has been delivering user-friendly products for everyday household needs. From steam generators to irons and vacuum cleaners, Rowenta is committed to delivering a refined design and top-notch technical performance. Their Rowenta IS6520 garment steamer is one example of this standard.

The clothes you wear make a lasting impression on the people you meet, and using a steamer can help you look polished. This 1500-watt fabric steamer has a convenient upright design and uses steam to remove wrinkles from your clothes. It has a height-adjustable pole and can be used comfortably by anyone in your house, regardless of their height.

The aluminum pole also comes with integrated pant clips and a built-in hanger that rotates 360 degrees. Steam your garment from multiple positions and use the lock system for a steadier steaming experience.

Whether you’re running late to the office or need to freshen up a dress shirt for an important meeting, this garment steamer will provide a quick solution. While a garment steamer isn’t meant to replace an actual iron, it’s still an effective, convenient way to get rid of major wrinkles in a matter of seconds.

Rowenta IS6520 Garment And Fabric Steamer

Assembly and Use

Assembling the Rowenta IS6520 is a breeze, just put the pieces together and fill up the tank with tap or distilled water. Once you power up the machine, it takes 45 seconds to get some good steam flowing. It has a large water tank, making it suitable for steaming multiple garments in one session.

Steamers work well for delicate or soft fabrics like jersey, satin, or silk. Place the garment on the hanger, steam one side, then flip the hanger and steam the other side. Even if it’s your first time using the product, the process is quick and simple.

Since the Rowenta steamer won’t actually touch your clothing, there’s no risk of burning it. A product like this also works well for hard-to-iron fabrics like a suit jacket or screen-printed T-shirt. You can use a steamer to smooth out ruffles and sleeves.

Rowenta Is6520 Review 2019

Design and Function

The Rowenta IS6520 offers wide diffusion and a high steam output from its steam head. It has a large capacity tank (80 oz.) which allows you to steam for up to an hour per filling. This is a step-up from handheld steamers like the Rowenta DR8080 which tend to only last 10 minutes between refills.

If your only concern is being able to steam one shirt occasionally, a handheld model is fine. But for more involved steaming, you’ll likely do better with a more advanced model like the IS6520. This product comes with an automatic shut off/cancel button for your convenience.

The triangular design of the steam head on the IS6520 uses a pointed tip for removing creases and mimics an iron soleplate. Due to the narrow tip of the steam head, it’s easy to reach into tight spaces with the Rowenta IS6520. The steam can be used not only on garments but also on upholstery and drapes.

Rowenta IS6520 Worth It

Other notable features on this garment steamer include wheels (which allow you to roll the product like a suitcase) and interchangeable accessories. There’s also an on/off switch you can operate with your foot, another benefit of using a stand-up garment steamer as opposed to a handheld model.

Notable Features

What makes Rowenta garment steamers stand out in a sea of competition? Let’s take a look at some notable features of the Rowenta IS6520 below:

Even Heating

Rowenta soleplates use a thick aluminum material for their central core. This material allows for even, quick heat distribution instead of hot spots, which can cause uneven steaming.

Steam Distribution

This garment steamer provides steam distribution across the whole soleplate, allowing for more efficient ironing and better steam penetration into the garment.


Rowenta soleplates glide easily across fabric as they’re made from top-quality stainless steel. This smooth structure minimizes effort for a hassle-free steaming experience.


While other garment steamers require filtered or distilled water for proper function, the Rowenta IS6520 can use tap water without leaking or spitting. Note that the nozzle on this garment steamer does get hot over time, so grip farther down on the handle to avoid discomfort.

Included Accessories

Unlike smaller or more basic garment steamers, the Rowenta IS6520 comes with a few accessories to help you in your garment care process. Always make sure you unplug the steamer and let it cool off completely before attaching any accessories. Here are some accessories you’ll receive if you purchase the Rowenta IS6520:

Fabric Brush

The included fabric brush will help open up the tiny weaves on your garments, allowing for more thorough steam penetration.

Crease Attachment

The crease attachment accessory enables you to make creases on your jackets or trousers, creating a polished and stylish look.

Steam Cap

The steam cap accessory filters impurities in the water and protects your garments from water drips, which may cause damage otherwise.

Size and Dimensions

The Rowenta IS6520 is a stand-up steamer with adjustable height, so it’s quite a bit larger than a standard handheld steamer. Its dimensions are 19.1 by 15.9 by 14.8 inches. The item weighs 12 pounds and ships at 14.3 pounds with packaging.

Rowenta 6520

Tips for Usage

You should only steam garments on sealed surfaces that are suitable for high temperatures. Over-steaming can blow out seams, so be careful not to overdo it. For optimal results, pass the steam over your clothing from top to bottom. Always check that the ‘on’ light is no longer illuminated before removing the water tank to refill.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Rowenta IS6520 garment steamer is a good choice for people who don’t have time to iron but still want to look fresh. It’s lightweight with a large water reservoir that enables you to steam many garments at once. The fact that it can handle so many types of fabric is also a definite plus.

The Pros

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Adjustable height so multiple people can use it
  • Large reservoir allows you to steam for an hour
  • 360-degree rotating swivel hanger for convenience
  • Quicker and faster to use than an ordinary iron
  • Works even on very delicate fabrics

The Cons

  • The pole may feel short for tall people
  • Garments won’t look as crisp as they will after ironing
Rowenta IS6520 Review
  • 8.4/10
    Overall - 8.4/10


Overall, the Rowenta IS6520 garment steamer is a pretty good pick. We had a good time trying it and can definitely recommend it.

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