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Rowenta IS6300 Review

We’ve all been in this situation. You are facing that all-important job interview or that fancy dinner, and when you pull out the perfect outfit, it’s wrinkled. For a lot of us, a garment steamer is the hero, a knight in shining armor racing to the rescue. It has to work, and it has to work fast, and that is where the Rowenta IS6300 excels.

The Design

Rowenta Is6300

The Rowenta IS6300 is designed with the flexibility to fit any lifestyle. With the same design as your favorite suitcase, the IS6300 can tilt and roll to any room or any place in the house. There is no need to throw out your back with this product. It also features a telescopic pole that slides up and down to both help with storage and allows the IS6300 to adjust to your height and comfort. An eighty-ounce water tank ensures that once you start your steaming project, you have plenty of time to complete it.


Featuring a plastic steam head, this allows for easy cleaning when you are finished with your steamer. The stylishly patterned hose is insulated to protect you from the heat of the steam, and ensure that you are able to keep working in comfort.

Rowenta Is6300 Review 2019

The truly innovative part of this product, though, is the roll and press system. Instead of the article of clothing hanging loose, Rowenta provides a support panel that unrolls from the top of the unit. Utilizing this vertical ironing board allows the user to press the clothing flat, making your steaming quick and effective.


This unit comes with three accessories; a fabric brush, a lint pad, and a steam bonnet. Rowenta does provide the option of a crease removal tool, which you can purchase separately to ensure your pants have the sharpest creases in town. All accessories should only be added or removed from the IS6300 when it is cool and unplugged to ensure no injuries.

How to Use

Starting the Process

Rowenta Steamer

So how do you utilize such an incredible piece of equipment? Thankfully, Rowenta has made it easy for you. The IS6300 features a cord hook as well as a Velcro strap to prevent any knots or tangles in the over six-foot cord.

That cord length allows you plenty of flexibility to set up your steamer wherever is most convenient for you. This machine is turned on with only a push of your foot, as the on/off button is located on the bottom of the unit.

After that, you are only sixty seconds away from being ready to vanquish those pesky wrinkles.

Setting Up the IS6300

This gives you just enough time to adjust the aluminum pole to whatever height you need, ensuring that you clip it into place for proper support, and get your press board rolled out. This system will accommodate everything from ball gowns to dress pants, with a hanger already attached so that you are ready to run as soon as the IS6300 is.

Steaming Your Garments

Rowenta Is6300 Garment Steamer

When it comes to choosing the right accessory for your steaming project a lot comes down to the fabric you are using. The fabric brush is great for your everyday shirts and pants. For your more delicate garments, you will want to employ the steam cap. The steam cap helps capture any impurities from the water and protects any drips from damaging that little black dress.

The lint brush does not attach to the IS6300, making it a tool you can use even in your day to day life. If you are like me, dog hair is constantly clinging to you, and that’s where the lint pad comes to the rescue.  A quick brush over your garments both before and after steam cleaning will give you the professional, finished look you have been looking for.

Clean Up

When you are finished, make sure to turn your device off using the convenient foot pedal on the bottom of the unit. You’ll want to be careful when rolling up the pressboard, please keep your fingers clear of the roller. After that, you just need to adjust the telescopic pole to whatever height works for your storage space and roll it away.

Final Thoughts

Rowenta Is6300 Review

The reassurance that your favorite outfit is always sixty seconds away from looking professionally pressed is reason enough to purchase the IS6300. But the real beauty of this system is that it is a full-sized garment cleaning system, that moves the same way a portable system would. IS6300 provides flexibility in storage, by being able to expand and contract to fit your storage space.

The IS6300 provides flexibility in where it can be used, with its easy rolling system and six-foot cord. And it provides flexibility in usage, with multiple attachments, the innovative roll out pressboard, and sixty seconds from switch on to steaming success. This can easily stow away in a closet, a laundry room, or behind your desk at the office; ready to swoop to the rescue the moment you notice that first pesky wrinkle.

Rowenta IS6300 Review
  • 8.1/10
    Overall - 8.1/10


The Rowenta IS6300 is a decent steamer that definitely deserves attention. It’s lacking at some areas, but it is overall very good taken the price into consideration.

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