Rowenta IS6200 Review

Rowenta has long been known as industry-leaders, thanks to its exceptional range of clothes steamers and garment care. Their new IS6200 clothes steamer is designed to speed up your clothes prep while being safe for use on dry-clean only items. Rowenta claims it is compact, speedy and offers professional-level quality – but is it really worth the hype?

Rowenta IS6200 Design

The best way to decide whether the Rowenta IS6200 is worth purchasing is by looking at its design features. This clothes steamer promises professional quality results – but can it deliver on these promises?

Tilt & Roll

The Rowenta IS6200 offers a suitcase-inspired maneuvering system for the easiest possible transportation. Steaming your garment is more accessible from any angle. The 2m power cord gives you even more freedom. This also means the steamer is easier to store.

Rowenta IS6200

Adjustable Telescopic Pole

The steamer comes with an extra-long pole for those hard-to-reach areas. The pole is fully collapsible for quick and easy storage, too.

Large, Removable Water Tank

The 81-ounce capacity of the Rowenta IS6200’s tank means you can steam many garments in a session without having to pause to refill. The tank can be easily removed and refilled with tap water.

Built-in Garment Clips

This steamer comes with a frame complete with garment clips, which makes the steaming process even easier. Simply attach your chosen garment and steam away, without the annoyance of trying to hold it still on a flimsy hanger.

Rowenta IS6200 Review

Foot Operated Pedal

The on and off switch of the Rowenta IS6200 is suitable to be operated by foot. This is a convenient, ergonomic design feature.

Insulated Handle

The handle of the Rowenta IS6200 is insulated and has a comfortable, soft-touch finish. It also has a stay-cool safety feature to prevent any potential burns.

Automatic Power-Off

Once your water tank is empty, the Rowenta IS6200 will automatically shut off to prevent both damage to the steamer and any potentially dangerous accidents. This offers peace of mind to those who are nervous about clothes steaming.

Rowenta IS6200 Performance

Alongside the key features of the Rowenta IS6200, it’s important to consider the actual product specifications in order to adequately judge its performance.

1,500 Watts

While not the most powerful clothes steamer on the market, the Rowenta IS6200 is still up there in terms of wattage. This means it can deliver fast and effective results even on deeper creases.

One Hour Steam Time

The Rowenta IS6200 can steam for one full hour without needing its tank refilled. This speeds up the steaming process, particularly if you’re working through a large amount of clothing at once.

30 Grams Per Minute Steam Output

The Rowenta IS6200 offers a larger steam output, which makes for more effective and faster garment steaming. The steam is evenly dispersed across the entire soleplate for more uniform steam distribution.

60 Second Heat Up Time

The Rowenta IS6200 reaches its maximum temperature in just one minute. For those who need to iron a garment very quickly, this may be the best steamer for you.

Rowenta IS6200 Extras

On top of the key features and performance of the Rowenta IS6200, it’s worth looking at any special bonuses to the product. This includes special offers, price, customer ratings, and warranty information.


Any purchase of the Rowenta IS6200 comes with a bonus fabric brush and lint pad. This will help you achieve the most professional finish on any clothing item, and is certainly a nice touch from the brand.

Rowenta Is6200 Review 2019


The Rowenta IS6200 currently cost around $90-$100.


The Rowenta IS6200 comes with a 1-year warranty in the USA.


Rowenta IS6200 Pros

There is a multitude of benefits to the Rowenta IS6200 steamer. Here, we go over the biggest ones.

Quick to Use

The fast heat-up time and impressive steam output mean the Rowenta IS6200 can steam garments super quickly. It’s perfect for those with limited time to iron.

Easy to Move and Store

The tilting wheels and collapsible handle make the Rowenta IS6200 quick to move around and very easy to put away, even in a tighter space.

Long-Lasting Water Supply

The larger water tank of the Rowenta IS6200 means you’ll have to take fewer pauses during steaming to refill.

Rowenta 6200 Review

Professional Quality

The power of the Rowenta IS6200 delivers extremely high-quality results in terms of garment steaming.

Safety Features

The insulated pole minimizes the potential of painful or even dangerous burns, plus the automatic shut-off helps to protect both your steamer and your home. The foot controls also make it easy to quickly shut down your Rowenta IS6200 steamer.

Rowenta IS6200 Cons

In spite of all of the excellent features of the Rowenta IS6200, there are still some drawbacks to the product which we need to expand upon.

Difficult to Refill

Some reviewers draw attention to issues with refilling the water tank because it is so large. You need a big sink to adequately fill up your Rowenta IS6200’s tank.

Shorter Cord

The power cord of the Rowenta IS6200 is just 6-feet long, which can make steaming garments a little restrictive. You must set up fairly close to an outlet at all times.

Design Flaw

The steam head of the Rowenta IS6200 hooks in right in the middle of the garment clips. This can make it more difficult to switch garments while resting your steam head in its holder.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy the Rowenta IS6200?

Even though it isn’t a completely flawless model, the Rowenta IS6200 is an excellent choice of garment steamer. It offers high quality, quick and safe at-home steaming, and delivers top-quality results. If you’re in the market for a new clothes steamer, we’re happy to recommend the Rowenta IS6200 to you.

Rowenta IS6200 Review
  • 8.1/10
    Overall - 8.1/10


Overall, the Rowenta IS6200 garment and fabric steamer performs surprisingly well, although it isn’t perfect by any means. It’s a good purchase and we can definitely recommend it.

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