Rowenta DW9280 Review

Ironing is ten times more fun when you have the right iron. This is especially true with new, modern steam irons such as Rowenta DW9280. How good is it? Let’s find out.

Rowenta and Irons Before the DW9280

A German manufacturer with more than a century of experience, Rowenta actually started out by manufacturing irons. Tradition is usually a sign of quality when it comes to household appliances.

Their first electric iron came out in 1919, with the first thermostat iron coming out after WW2. In 1957, the first steam iron from Rowenta saw the light of day. Ever since then, irons have been a staple of Rowenta, alongside vacuum cleaners, coffee makers and other products.

How does the DW9280 handle itself and does it live up to the legacy?

The Look of the Rowenta DW9280

Rowenta 9280 Review

“Blue” is the power word of this season and the color that Rowenta chose when designing the DW9280. Not only does it look appealing, but the very robust shape of the iron gives it that edge over the competition.

But that’s the top side of the iron; let’s discuss the bottom. Once you see the soleplate made of stainless steel, you’ll go crazy. Durability is but a part of it; what makes it stand out is being non-sticky during ironing.

The soleplate contains 400 micro holes for evenly distributing steam. On top of that, you also have the high precision tip. These two make the DW9280 a decent iron for pleats, collars, and fabric between buttons.

The Power of DW9280

Rowenta Steam Force Dw9280

If there’s anything that will get you to gasp over the DW9280, it’s the 1800 watts of power. The iron will heat quickly and maintain that heat for a while.
But it isn’t about the intensity of the heat alone. On the topside, you will see the LED display. This will help you choose the temperature for your ironing job.
In addition, the digital display will allow you to pick one of five ironing modes. You can iron anything from nylon to linen.


Two features that stand out with DW9280 are the steam motion sensor and the automatic shut-down.

With the steam motion sensor, you will get just enough steam as you need with each stroke. If there are no strokes, i.e. no motion, the iron doesn’t produce any steam. That way you get to save water and electricity if your iron idles.

The automatic shut-down is possibly the best safety feature any iron can have. If you leave the iron 8 minutes upright, it shuts down; if it’s soleplate is on the board, that time is a brief 30 seconds.

Nobody wants burnt clothing, nor do they want to waste water or power. That’s why these features matter so much with DW9280.

Self-Maintenance of DW9280

Irons tend to accumulate mineral deposits or scale during use. That’s why the DW9280 has its own, integrated anti-calcification system. You won’t have to do maintenance on this front any time soon.

But that’s not all the DW9280 has to its name when it comes to self-maintenance. There’s also the auto-cleaning function. What it does is flash out the dirt and debris from the tank.

If you do decide on buying the DW9280, it’s a smart idea to use this action as often as possible. Better safe than sorry, after all!

DW9280’s Ace – the Electronic Steam Pump

Rowenta Steamforce Dw9280 Review

Shoppers have purchased this model specifically because of this option. And it’s no wonder they did, it’s a very user-friendly option to have in a steam iron.

The steam pump delivers a strong burst of concentrated steam. To be precise, it delivers roughly 210g of steam per minute. On top of that, it also pushes some 15% more steam into a fabric than other irons out there on the market.

No crease is safe with this feature. It actually does wonders even with the most stubborn of wrinkles. When Rowenta deliver, they deliver.

The Benefits of Owning a Rowenta DW9280 Iron

1.     More Steam, More Heat

The numbers speak for themselves. Each user that bought this iron praised how quickly it gets hot and how hot it remains. Combining that with the steam pump makes this iron a formidable foe to others in retail.

But then again, part of that power also lies in the 400 holes on a very durable soleplate. Steam in and of itself can backfire, but if you distribute it evenly, you can iron your clothes with zero issues. Stainless steel makes sure the clothing remains flat after a few strokes.

2.     Safety Matters

People get forgetful, and being forgetful with a running iron can actually harm you. That’s why it’s great that the DW9280 shuts itself off when it idles. That, and it saves more power when it isn’t running unused.

3.     Easy Maintenance

When we say “easy,” we really mean “no need for it.” Self-cleaning and de-calcing are always welcome with any iron. It just so happens that the DW9280 has it and uses it well.

But it’s not just these two elements that attest to how easily you can maintain this model. The stainless steel soleplate is easy to clean; all you have to do is wipe it when it’s cold. It will be a while until the specks and dirt on it actually begin to show.

4.     Precision and Speed

Rowenta Dw9280 Reviews

Yes, it’s a bit dull to constantly repeat how awesome the electronic steam pump is. But it’s worth mentioning what else it’s good for.

A short, powerful burst of steam will save you time. Ironing can usually be a tedious, long process which will be halved with more steam. Heat maintenance helps this out well.

And then there’s the tip. You will be able to maneuver around every bit of a shirt or a pair of pants without snags or rogue creases. Movement and precision work well with the shape of the soleplate.

Potential Flaws of the Rowenta DW9280 Iron

Most users of this Rowenta steam iron report similar issues. A few of them deal with water and the water tank.

First off, the water tank is not easy to read. If you pour water in, you won’t be sure how much is in the iron unless it spills over. Knowing how much water is in the tank is important because BOTH the excess and the lack of water can affect the ironing.

Then there’s the tank itself. It’s very small and contains less water than tanks of DW9280’s competitors. In other words, what little water goes in gets used very quickly, demanding frequent refills.

Finally, distilled water won’t work with this iron too well. Tap water might be the way to go, despite not being “good” for ironing in general.

Other flaws deal with different topics. For example, this iron is heavier than others and has a shorter cord. This makes it hard to maneuver, even after frequent uses.

Some users even reported clicking sounds from using the Rowenta DW9280. Usually, this is nothing, but if you suffer the same issue, check with the professionals.

A Brief Conclusion on Rowenta DW9280

The answer to the questions from the first few paragraphs is clear – the Rowenta DW9280 passes with flying colors. It’s powerful, safe, maintains heat well, and irons clothing spectacularly. On top of that, it looks neat and requires little to no maintenance.

Naturally, it has its ups and downs. However, the downs don’t really overshadow the quality you get with this product. In short, Rowenta DW9280 is THE steam iron for you.

Rowenta DW9280 Review
  • 7.1/10
    Overall - 7.1/10


The Rowenta DW9280 is a steam iron with a digital display that can iron your clothes easily. It’s a decent enough product, but there are better alternatives for the price.

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