Rowenta DW7180 Review

You can thank Rowenta for giving us a powerful steam iron that protects against calc, resulting in professional-quality ironing results. The Rowenta DW7180 Everlast Anticalc proofs to be a perfect solution for hard water. The advanced calc collector makes it a self clean-machine.

When we talk about perfect ironing results, Everlast comes with the removable anti-calc collector. The iron enhances precision through its narrow tip. The collector has patented limescale, and it can confine up to a size of 1 teaspoon.

It is straightforward to remove and empty the collector. Now it’s never been super easy to get rid of all the wrinkles with Everlast’s powerful steam. What about getting an optimal and even distribution of the vapor into any fabric? You can achieve this with Everlast’s patented Miscosteam400 soleplate with 400 completely activated micro steam holes.

There is also an option of 3 steams, auto/off for safety, steam power with 1750W, 12oz water tank, and 8ft cord.

What Makes Everlast Superior?

Rowenta Dw7180 Iron

85% of the US has hard water. Though this may not present any harmful effects to your health, your fixtures and appliances can have deposits all over them. That is why Rowenta introduces Everlast Anticalc iron to combat the scale that tends to build up in your iron.

The iron has a patented calc collector that captures the limescale particles. It possesses the effectiveness of a high-performance steam iron that guarantees perfect results time after time.

Some of the Everlast’s features include;

Patented Calc Collector

This is an antic-calc quality of Everlast. Anti-calc is a self-clean feature that captures large pieces of calc. It also flushes small calcium particles with the aid of the tiny holes in the soleplate. Not only that, but the calc collector also maintains a high level of steam performance over time.

The collector collects scale automatically, and it is simple to empty the collector.

Safety 3 Way Auto Off

Rowenta Dw7180 Worth It

If you have to grab a bite in the kitchen or fix yourself a cup of coffee while ironing your clothes, it may take a few minutes before you resume your work. This is where Everlast works its magic!

It automatically puts on standby mode after 8 minutes you leave it on its heel. You can sure of having a perfect iron that prevents energy waste or risk of burning.

Best Ironing Precision

This is an excellent feature of Everlast. With a profiled tip, it becomes smooth and precise to access areas that are difficult to reach. Now you can reach narrow edges, collars, and seams easily with Everlast.

You’re sure of getting extreme accuracy and optimal glide with its straight shot of seam at the top of the pointy tip.

Highly Powerful Performance

If you want an extra powerful burst of the seam to crease out stubborn wrinkles perfectly, Everlast performs the magic especially on dry and think fabrics, by using the spray if you want.

Anti-Drip Technology

Now you can iron your fabric and be sure of no stain on them. With Everlast anti-drip feature, you can iron with fear of stain even if you’re rolling at low temperature.

Steam Output

The Everlast puts out remarkable 29 grams of steam per minute. The fact remains that there are some other products in the market with higher grams for every minute.

The Everlast gets the upper hand from the combination of this production with a higher quality soleplate that features steam holes and a potent burst of steam utility places Everlast on top of them.

There won’t arise any need for additional capacity when you’re using the Everlast.

Everlast Performance

Rowenta Dw7180 Review

The Everlast scores are higher than all its competitors in the market for many features. One of it is its stainless steel soleplate that provides top quality glide. The micro steam has 400 holes with the burst of steam of 180g/min.

The ability to reduce wrinkles is another quality the places Everlast above the rest. Even the most demanding of users will be glad about the performance of Everlast.

Easy to Use

The Everlast interface is highly intuitive. It is easy to regulate the temperature delineated by fabric nature through a dial on the body. On the crest of the handle, users can control the output of the steam.

The handle provides comfort as well. With a simple push, users can easily control the misting buttons and the burst of steam.

On the side is a yellow light that signals the temperature of the soleplate that has a pointed nose with a broad base. Users can enjoy enough flexibility gliding across any garments, and getting into pleats, between buttons and along seams is efficient with the soleplate’s high-precision tip.

There is also the built-in funnel which is the water tank. Users can quickly fill up the water tank directly from the faucet. A caveat here! There’s a probability of the water leaking when using the Everlast’s burst of the steam button on the lower temperature.

This is the case with many irons in the market. Nonetheless, it is not advisable anyway to use the burst of the steam button at the lower temperature. As a result, the problem of water leakage is a minor problem.

Everlast’s Heating System

Rowenta Dw7180 Review 2019

The Everlast’s heating system scores better than many of its competitors in the market. Users can be sure of getting an iron that reaches a temperature of 430oF after 2 minutes of preheating.

With this innovation, Everlast’s heating system is impressive, and it is 45 seconds faster than the rest of slow-heating irons in the market.


Talking of power, the Everlast has 1750W, and its continuous steam is 35g/min. It is consist of vertical steam and spray. Not only that, the setting of its vapor and temperature can be set manually.

Not to talk of the Everlast’s soleplate that is glideable, durable, and scratch resistance, it has a precision tip and concentrated steam boost at the tip of the soleplate.

The continuous steam diffusion is on the tip, the side, and the heart with a comfortable handle and stable rest hill.

The water tank capacity is about 350ml. The water filling hole is medium in size and has anti-drip. What about the anti-scale function of the iron? The Everlast has scale collector, and it has integration of anti-scale and anti-scale setting.

Rowenta’s DW7180 Everlast Anticalc comes in black and hip jungle colors.

The Final Verdict

The Rowenta DW7180 Everlast presents well-designed soleplate, top-notch steam output, and incredible glide. It is sturdy with a nice weight to it. The 7.9ft power cord length is a significant consideration on the part of Rowenta because that makes a difference.

Ultimately, Everlast cuts ironing time in half because it reaches temperature faster than any iron in the market. With its great steam and nice weight, it is a not just an iron; it is a luxury for ironing clothes, fabric, quilts, and craft projects.

Rowenta DW7180 Review
  • 8.5/10
    Overall - 8.5/10


The Rowenta DW7180 iron is a well-done iron that offers amazing protection at an affordable price. Highly recommended.

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