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Rowenta DW3180 Review

Have you ever burned your clothes while ironing? The Rowenta DW3180 is an iron that will never let you burn your clothes no matter what type of fabric you use. It is a new technologically smart iron that has one setting which works with all types of fabrics. It also has safety features that prevent you from burning clothes.

The Rowenta DW3180 makes ironing a much simpler task because of its innovative steam ironing technology. Rowenta is known for their steam irons. Steam irons use steam instead of just a heated soleplate to get rid of wrinkles in clothes. The steam comes out of small holes in the soleplate and irons your clothes without burning them. The Rowenta DW3180 steam iron has unique features that make it unlike any other iron.


Rowenta DW3180 Review

The Rowenta DW3180 iron has intelligent technologically advanced features that regular clothes irons do not have.


This is a steam iron which has a continuous output of steam through the soleplate that irons your clothes. You also have the options for steam boost, vertical stream, and spray options to give you flexibility over how you want to use the steam or hot water.

The water tank holds 300 milliliters of water and flips open in the front to allow you to fill it with water. The amount of water it holds provides steam for up to 20 minutes of steaming.

This iron uses 1600 Watts of power per hour to run. According to Silicon Valley Power, that is slightly below the average 1800 Watts per hour that most irons use.

The Rowenta DW3180 iron is made from a see-through blue plastic that gives it a modern sophisticated look. Its soleplate is made from stainless steel which gives it durability and helps it stay clean.

For your safety, it has a three-way auto shut off feature. When it is laying on the metal plate, it shuts off after 30 seconds. When it is standing up on its heel, it shuts off after eight minutes. When it is laying on its side, it shuts off after 30 seconds as well.

Unlike many irons, this one comes with an eight-foot cord to make it easier for you to move around while ironing. This is especially helpful with large fabrics, gowns, or sheets.

This iron uses a lot of smart technology. For example, the plate has micro holes for steam to get through which gets rid of wrinkles in clothes. The steam ironing technology also prevents you from having to adjust the temperature for different types of fabric.

When using the Rowenta DW3180, you don’t have to wait for the iron to get to the right temperature. You just start ironing. Rowenta claims that the iron is 100 percent safe for all types of ironable fabrics.


Rowenta DW3180 Review 2019

All of the smart technology incorporated into the Rowenta DW3180 iron makes it stand out in performance. It saves you time by not having to adjust the temperature for the clothing. It has a precision tip that helps get into difficult creases and makes ironing collars easy. The steam technology is great for getting rid of wrinkles.

The Rowenta DW3180 steam iron does have one downside. You have to fill up the iron before every use and drain out the water after each use before storing. Because this iron is so dependent upon water, these extra steps are important in making sure it works properly and lasts for a long time. However, the extra steps are worth the effort to get that easy and clean steam iron for your clothes every time.

This video has some more helpful tips on how to take care of your Rowenta DW3180 steam iron and make sure it performs to its best capability:

Another way this iron helps make your life easier is the auto-shut off feature. Not only does this make the iron less of a fire hazard, but it also keeps you from burning your clothes when you accidentally leave your iron on them for too long.

Price and Guarantee

This iron is not directly sold by the manufacturer, so it must be bought through a retailer. You can find this iron at any store that carries home goods and appliances such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and Home Depot. You can also find it online on Amazon.

The iron costs around $50. It comes with a limited time guarantee, but they will repair the iron for you even after their guarantee period has ended.

The Final Verdict

The Rowenta DW3180 steam iron is in a league of its own with its intelligent design and features. If you are tired of your regular iron and need a change, this is a good one to start with. For all of the unique features it has, it is very reasonably priced as well.

Steam irons are a new product on the market. They bring the benefits of steaming your clothes without all of the expensive equipment and work it takes to steam. They provide a much more user-friendly version of the vertical steam iron.

The Rowenta DW3180 steam iron does require a little extra work to maintain which includes filling it up with water and draining the water before and after each use. However, it is much less work than buying traditional steaming equipment and much cheaper than taking your clothes to the dry cleaners to steam clean. Overall, it is great steam iron for a great price.

Rowenta DW3180 Review
  • 8.1/10
    Overall - 8.1/10


The Rowenta DW3180 iron is a simple, affordable iron that can get the job done. It also packs some nice features, such as the auto-adjustable temperature setting. Overall a good buy for $50.

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