Rowenta DW2170 Review

The aim of Rowenta’s steam irons is to provide ‘performance, precision and power’ into a single product. The German brand (founded in 1884) focuses on creating ergonomic designs that offer good value for money and they are respected for their high-quality workmanship.

With that said, what about the Rowenta DW2170 AccessSteam iron – how does it shape up against the rest?

Often seen as a thankless chore by most, the perfect iron is one which balances performance and features with a fair price so that ironing your clean laundry is an efficient and enjoyable task instead.

If you’re planning to do a large load of laundry, then you quite clearly need an iron that is also comfortable after multiple hours of use.

There’s no doubt with the DW2170 that Rowenta has opted to design a steam iron that focuses primarily on accessibility. It’s a streamlined product that is both lightweight and easy to use and includes a bevy of extra features.

Features and Functionality

Here’s a list of the key features of the Rowenta DW2170 AccessSteam iron and what you can expect to find.

Thumb Rest

The first notable feature of the Rowenta DW2170 iron is its thumb rest, on the handle, that ensures comfort throughout the ironing experience. It’s a welcome addition that shows the brand has taken a holistic approach in its design.

Precision Tip

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More advanced features of the AccessSteam iron include a slick precision tip to get into the edges that are normally hard-to-reach (collars and cuffs, for example) with regular irons.

Variable and Vertical Steam With Self-Cleaning

The variable and vertical steam option allow you to deal with a wide variety of different clothes while the anti-drip and anti-calcium function prevent limescale from building up and water leakage.

It’s worth saying that most irons have this latter self-cleaning feature; however, it’s great to see it here as well.

Rotary Dial and Auto Shut-Off

The controls of the DW2170 are operated through a rotary dial for speed – you can set the thermostat with this – and there’s a handy 3-way auto shut-off function built-in as well.

The auto shut-off stops power after 8 minutes if it is left standing and after 30 seconds if left on the soleplate or sideways. It will reactivate itself with a simple movement from the user.

A Burst of Steam

The iron can release a strong burst of steam at 100g a minute to crease out difficult wrinkles across multiple types of fabric.

Auto Steam Thermostat

The aforementioned Auto Steam thermostat automatically determines the necessary amount of steam and temperature for each round of laundry that needs doing. The settings include delicate, normal and max settings. A red light will switch off when the required heat has been reached.

Water Tank Capacity and Filling Hole

The steam iron comes with a 250ml tank capacity while the filling hole is medium sized. It’s enough, but it could be slightly larger.

Power and Cord

The power cord for the product measures at 2.5m and is, usefully, resistant to being tangled up. The model is powered at 1600 watts.

300 Microholes

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The steel soleplate of the Rowenta iron contains an impressive 300 microholes that allow for a better distribution of steam; it can handle almost all fabrics, resulting in a literal smoother experience for the buyer.


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The appearance of a steam iron is more important than you might first think. You want to be sure your product not only performs well and gets the job done, but also that it looks good while doing so with minimal distraction.

Stainless Soleplate

The good news with the Rowenta DW2170 is that it looks the part on top of everything else it offers. With its shiny stainless soleplate and sleek, modern design, it more than holds its own and does so with style.


The Rowenta DW2170 comes in blue and white color variations.

Price and Warranty


Irons can cost anywhere between $30 right up to $150 these days, but at $50, the Rowenta DW2170 offers great value for money – especially when you consider all the extra functionality packed in.

It’s worth noting that UK customers will have to import the Rowenta DW2170 iron and can do so for around £40.


The product comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

How to Use a Rowenta Iron (Video to Embed)

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for a reliable iron at a decent price then the Rowenta DW2170 continues the brand’s trend and doesn’t disappoint.

We’ve experienced steam irons that operate and heat up slightly faster than the DW2170, but you can expect to pay more for the privilege. This particular model isn’t scratch resistant either and doesn’t feature the ultimate in energy efficiency, but these are not vital exclusions.

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With multiple commendable features, a slick and comfortable design that’s easy to use, along with the iron’s high level of accessibility, the DW2170 is a neat package that we can’t recommend enough.

Overall, you don’t need to look elsewhere for a reliable and quality steam iron.

Rowenta (DW-2170) Review
  • 7.1/10
    Overall - 7.1/10


The Rowenta DW2170 is a decent steam iron that can get the job done easily. While it’s not the most feature-packed, it’s definitely a solid pick.

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