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Roomba 650 vs 770

In recent years robotic vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular due to the optimization of their technology. Robotic vacuum cleaners use an array of technologies to navigate, maneuver, and clean the floor in a home. Now they can accomplish their tasks with better efficiency than ever before.

Currently, there are many different brands of robotic vacuum cleaners for sale including Shark ION ROBOT, Samsung POWERbot, Ecovacs Deebot, Roomba, and more. Today we will be focusing on two models from the Roomba brand.

Roomba by iRobot is the most popular robotic vacuum cleaner brand available today. Many different models of Roomba have been released since they were first sold in 2002. In this article, we will be comparing two popular Roomba models, the 650 and the 770.


Cleaning Schedule

The 650 and 770 Roomba models have many features in common with each other. Both models can be programmed to clean up to 7 times per week and will automatically return to their charging docks when they’re finished with their cleaning cycle.

3-Stage Cleaning System

Roomba 650 Vs 770

Each model uses a 3-stage cleaning system consisting of brushing, agitating and suction to effectively remove dirt and other particles from carpeted and flat surfaces. A spinning brush is included with both models to ensure the Roomba effectively reaches against walls and corners by sweeping dirt and debris into the Roomba’s cleaning path.

Dirt Detection

Roomba 770 Vs 650

The 650 and 770 both have dirt detection technology that allows Roomba to detect the dirtiest areas within the home that require more attention. The Roomba will focus extra time on these areas to clean them efficiently.

Though both models have dirt detection technology, the 770 has more advanced technology than the 650 when it comes to dirt detection. The 770 uses acoustic and optical sensors to detect dirtier areas while the 650 only has acoustic sensors. This makes the 770 more efficient when detecting and cleaning.

Adapts to Home

Irobot 650 Vs 770

The 650 and 770 automatically adjust to the terrain of the home. Whether it be carpet, tile or wood, each Roomba model will adjust its height to ensure the brushes are effectively working on any type of floor surface.

Irobot Roomba 650 Vs 770

Both models will avoid stairs and any sort of direct drop off making sure the Roomba doesn’t damage itself. Both models are designed to be short, allowing them to reach areas underneath furniture that would be difficult to reach with a conventional vacuum.

Virtual Wall

Difference Between Roomba 650 And 770

Virtual walls are small devices that can be placed in certain areas of the home to make sure the Roomba avoids that area. If the user doesn’t want their Roomba cleaning a specific room all they have to do is place a small device that broadcasts the virtual wall in a specific direction and the Roomba will not pass through the virtual wall. Virtual walls are effective up to 7 feet.

The key difference when it comes to virtual walls between the 650 and 770 models is that the 650 comes with only 1 virtual wall while the 770 comes with 2 virtuals walls. Extra virtual walls can be purchased from iRobot for about $60 each and about $100 for a 2-pack.


Now that we have covered key similarities between each of these models, let’s jump into what the key differences between each model are.


Roomba 650 Or 770

Out of the 2 models, the 650 is the older and dated model. The 650 lacks some newer features the 770 has. As we’ve covered earlier, the 650 has dirt detection technology but lacks optical sensors to detect dirt and debris making the cleaning efficiency of the 650 less than that of the 770. The 650 has AeroVac filters but are not HEPA rated.

Replacement filters come in a 3-pack and cost about $22 a pack. The 650 is no longer sold by iRobot but can be purchased from third-party vendors like Amazon. The cost of the 650 is about $210 dollars but can vary depending on the retailer. iRobot still sells a wide array of replaceable parts for the 650 model on their website.


Irobot Roomba 770 Vs 650

The 770 Roomba is very similar to the 650 but there are some key improvements that were made for the 770 over the 650 due to the 770 being the newer of the 2 models. The 770 has HEPA rated filters and come in packs of 3 costing about $28.

The 770 is both faster and quieter than the 650. The 770 can clean the same amount of floor space the 650 can in about half the time. These key features make the 770 far less obtrusive than the 650 due to creating less noise and the shorter amount of time needed to complete a cleaning cycle.

Compare Roomba 650 And 770

The 770 comes equipped with a remote control that allows the user to activate and steer the 770 in any direction they’d like at the touch of a button. The cost of the 770 is more than the 650 coming in at about $268.

Currently, the 770 isn’t sold by iRobot and can be bought via third-party vendors like Amazon. iRobot still sells all the replaceable parts for the 770 via their website.


Both the 650 and 770 are very similar in what they can do. Though the 650 is cheaper than the 770, we recommend spending the extra cash and purchasing a 770 due to its superior cleaning efficiency. The 770 cleans better due its superior dirt detect technology and does so faster than the 650 can.

Seeing as the price difference between each model is less than $100, the money saved on the 650 may not be justified. The 770 comes with more features that make it more efficient than the 650 and includes a second virtual wall that would normally cost about $60, potentially the price difference between the 2 models.

Regardless of which model you choose, each will clean dirt and debris from your floors while you spend your time doing better things.

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