Power AirFryer Oven Review

What is the Power AirFryer Oven?

Most people fry with oil. However, you don’t have to be like most people. That’s right, it’s possible to fry your food with almost no oil whatsoever. There’s a reason why the Power AirFryer oven has the term “AirFryer” in it. You’ll get to fry your food of choice solely on air!

But the Power AirFryer is more than just a simple air-frying tool. In fact, it can do multiple things. You will be able to fry, bake, grill and roast, all without any oil. Furthermore, this oven comes with a rotisserie and a dehydrator. You’ll be able to preserve your favorite vegetables, fruits and any other food you choose to.

The Power AirFryer oven comes in three separate models. Whether you buy the 6-Quart, the 6-Quart Elite or the 8-Quart model, you’ll be making the right choice. In this review, you’ll learn the basics of the 6-Quart oven, as its controls apply to all three models.

Power AirFryer’s Features

Power Airfryer

The Display Panel

One look at the LED display panel lets you know just how easy this oven is to use. There are eight pre-set cooking buttons which you can use without having to guess which button does what. There’s also an internal light button as well as a rotation one.

Whether you want to fry some chicken wings or dehydrate veggies, a simple push of a button will give you this when using the Power AirFryer.

The Oven

The very door of the oven show marks of high-quality. Not only is the handle extra-large with a good grip, but it’s also made of heat-resistant material. You will never again have to worry about burnt hands when you pull out that roast chicken from the oven. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see that chicken get nice and brown through the crystal-clear visible glass of the door.

The oven itself holds 1.700 watts of power. You can heat it up to 400 degrees, which is more than enough for a solid round of grilling. In addition, the oven can hold up to five pounds of meat, though you’d better set the limit at four, just in case. But it’s not just about the oven’s size. It’s also about what you can do with it.

Cooking with Power AirFryer

Power Airfryer Oven

Let’s say you want to heat up some meat until it’s nice and crispy. Or maybe you’d rather dehydrate a vegetable or two. If that’s the case, using the air flow racks will be your preferred cooking method with Power AirFryer. Then there’s the rotating mesh-basket. This accessory is perfect for French fries or even nut roasting. But the oven can do far more than that. If you’re up for it, peruse the rotisserie shaft to roast that chicken until it’s perfect. Remember the weight limit, though!

Each Power AirFryer comes with a Fetch Tool. You can extract the food and not risk horrible burns on your fingers. Safety first, and that goes for both injuries AND healthy eating.

And speaking of healthy eating…

Oil Removal

The best thing about Power AirFryer is that it eliminates the use of oil for frying, opting to use air instead. This option is definitely healthier for you, as excess fat can make you…well, fat. As well as slow, weak and lacking in energy. All of the excess oil that seeps out of the food goes into the easy-to-remove drip pan under the oven.

But the oven isn’t just good when it comes to oil removal. If you plan on drying some fruit, it also removes the excess sugar. Just like oil, sugar can negatively affect your health if it’s in large doses.

What Else Comes with the Oven?

The Power AirFryer comes with a round mesh basket, four air flow racks made of stainless steel, ten skewers, and a few rotisserie tools (wheels, fork, handle, and stand), as well as additional screws. However, it also comes with several recipe books. Yes, Power AirFryer has you covered when it comes to preparing high-quality, low-fat food.

What Makes the Power AirFryer Stand Out?

Power Airfryer Oven Review

Unlike most fryers out there, the Power AirFryer prepares your food with little to no oil. Instead, it uses hot air generated by its 1.700 watts of power, coupled with the stainless steel air flow racks. The hot air travels both above and below the food, evenly heating it with a crispy, delicious result. That way you have healthy, yet delicious food for your meal.

In addition, the oven is very easy to use. The display shows you everything you need to know, and it even has an automatic shut-off feature. In other words, you no longer have to worry about leaving the oven on while you do something else. Simply set the timer and go about your business, while the oven goes about its own.

But it’s not all about the performance. The oven – all three models, mind you! – looks amazing. Its simple design and color choices make it one of the more attractive ovens out there, at least when compared to their competitors. Design-wise, it will never stand out in the kitchen. After all, why wouldn’t an oven both LOOK good and PERFORM well?

Other, somewhat minor benefits of the Power AirFryer are that it’s not too big, nor too expensive. It’s a real bargain for what it does.

Some Power AirFryer Setbacks

Naturally, the Power AirFryer isn’t without its set of flaws. The first “immediate” flaw would be the air flow racks themselves. Customers often complained about the brand new racks being bent, or that they would rust after a thorough wash.

However, the two flaws that are far more serious are the fan malfunction and the food sticking to the trays. When it comes to trays, the best solution is to use baking paper and avoid sticking. However, the fan not rotating and working can actually result in an accumulating burning smell. This can affect both the oven and the future food you make, so take good care of the fan.

Another, albeit minor flaw, is that the mesh basket wouldn’t rotate. This happens often with older ovens, and it can annoy people who want to have themselves some French-fries. With maintenance, this problem can be eliminated.

The Power AirFryer Oven, in a Nutshell

With all said and done, the Power AirFryer oven is a great choice when it comes to avoiding frying with oil. With its airflow system and powerful performance, this oven is definitely something you should have in your kitchen. However, it’s not just because of how it fries and grills food without oil. You’ll also enjoy it when you grill a chicken, dry fruits and vegetables, and prepare a batch of fries or nuts.

Of course, the Power AirFryer has its flaws with the fan and the racks, but considering its overall performance, it’s still an oven that cooks spectacular food that tastes better even without oil.

For more information on the Power AirFryer, you can visit the official page at their official website. They offer great deals on any of the three models in terms of price, and you can learn more about additional accessories you can get. So don’t wait – get your hands on a Power AirFryer oven as soon as possible!

Power AirFryer Oven Review
  • 7.9/10
    Overall - 7.9/10


In terms of raw value, the Power AirFryer Oven is a decent product that will complement most kitchens. If you’re in the market for a new multi-functional cooker, this product might be a very good fit.

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