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Our Methodology

How We Come Up With Our Ratings

Our main goal here at Meccano Home is to help you make the best possible purchase decision. Spending money on a subpar product will impact your life negatively and we will never do that. Our main focal point is timeliness. Other sites write up a comparison or a buying guide and then leave that without updating it ever, or just updating a few words here and there to appear that it has been updated.

Things change. New products are invented and released, and therefore a buying guide needs to be re-made as well. That’s what we do here at Meccano Home – create high-quality reviews and buying guides, and make sure that they are always relevant.

How We Research

We at Meccano Home spend most of our work hours in front of the computer. Researching, writing, and formatting actually take up a considerable amount of our time, even though we spend a lot of time reviewing products or services as well.

We rely on our own findings during the product review, other customer reviews, and interviews with actual customers. If we receive a free sample product from a brand, we will still give it our honest, unbiased opinion and rating.

What Methodology We Use For Reviews

Depending on the product or service, we review stuff differently. The exact methodology cannot be specified as it depends on the product type, but generally, we’ll try to consider and include the following categories:

  • Specifications
  • Features
  • Price (including value for the money)
  • Design
  • Warranties/return policies
  • User experience and customer reviews

You can trust that Meccano Home’s reviews are accurate and a representative review of the product. If it’s good, we’ll give the product or service our stamp of approval.

How We Are Supported

Keeping things running costs money, and it’s actually quite a lot. We appreciate all the help that we can get, and the best way for you to help us is to purchase products through our affiliate links. It doesn’t even have to be the products that we link to, they can be any products, as long as they are purchased within 24 hours upon clicking one of our links.

We may also have relationships with brands and this affects how quick we are to review their product or service. However, these affiliate relationships will never affect our actual opinion of the service or product. We don’t accept payments to speak nicely of a specific product or service, as our trustworthiness is our bread and butter.