How To Setup Amazon Alexa

Step 1: Unbox and Plugin Amazon Echo

After purchasing an Amazon Echo device, remove it from the packaging. Inside the box will be an Echo device and a power cord. All Echo devices are circular in nature, however, the Echo Dot is fairly flat compared to its cylindrical brethren.

After removing the Echo device and power cord, plug the power cord into the Echo device. Proceed to plug the power cord into a standard 120-volt outlet. Once plugged in, the ring on the rim of the Echo device will begin to glow blue with a turquoise segment circling around the ring, a tone will sound.

Step 2: Download and Setup Alexa App

Alexa Setup

An orange light will begin to circle around the ring on the rim. The Echo device will say “Hello, your device is ready for setup. Just follow the instructions in your Alexa app.”

To continue the setup process for an Echo device the user must have the Amazon Alexa app downloaded to their smartphone or tablet. The Amazon Alexa app is available on Android in the Google Play store and the Apple Store for Apple devices.

Once the Alexa app is downloaded, log in to your Amazon account. When logging in, the Alexa app will ask if your name is that of the account holder, if not you can add your own name as well. The app will ask to confirm your first and last name.

The Alexa app will ask permission to access your contacts and to send you notifications. Please allow Alexa to do this in order to maximize your experience. You will be asked to verify your phone number as well. After this, the Alexa app will show you some quick tips detailing the controls on the app.

Step 3: Add Echo Device

Setup Alexa

In the upper left corner of the screen, there will be 3 horizontal lines. Tap on those lines and a menu on the left will appear. At the top of the menu will be an “Add Device” button, tap it.

Set Up Alexa

After tapping “Add Device” you will be brought to a screen that asks “What type of device are you setting up?” Choose “Amazon Echo.”

Setting Up Alexa

After choosing to add an Amazon Echo Device, choose which type of Echo device you want to add. After choosing which Echo device to add, the Alexa app will begin searching for nearby devices. Your device will appear in the Alexa app and an orange light will circle the rim of your Echo device.

Step 4: Add WiFi Network

How To Setup Amazon Echo

After connecting to the Alexa app to the Echo device, the Alexa app will ask you to choose a WiFi network to connect to. Choose your WiFi network and enter your password. Connecting the Echo Device to WiFi may take a few minutes. Once connected, the Echo device will say “Your device is ready.”

Step 5: Finish Setup

Once your Echo device is connected to WiFi tap the continue button. The Alexa app will prompt you to either add your Echo device to an external speaker via aux cord or Bluetooth or use the built-in speaker with of the Echo device.

After picking a speaker, you will be asked to pick a name for the Echo device. Many preset names will be given but a custom name can be created as well. Your Echo device is now set up and ready to use.

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