How Many Ounces Does A K-Cup Make?

If you’re new to the world of Keurig machines and K-Cups, you might be wondering how much coffee a K-Cup makes.

Portion size is an important factor, especially since you want the optimal flavor out of each cup you make. However, K-Cup sizes are standardized and many Keurig machines let you select the amount of coffee you want to brew, so that adds a few more layers to the process of finding an exact answer.

How Much Coffee Does a K-Cup Make?

How Many Cups Of Coffee Does A K Cup Make

In general, K-Cups hold about 9 to 12 grams of coffee depending on the manufacturer. And the National Coffee Association recommends using 1 to 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water.

So to get an ideal brew strength, you would use one K-Cup to brew 6 ounces of coffee. And even though some K-Cup machines automatically adjust the brewing time for the amount of water or serving size you select, you still might find that larger cup sizes turn out much too weak.

That’s especially true with lighter blends and larger 10 or 12-ounce cup sizes, since the water-to-coffee ratio is off. But there is something you can do to get better tasting coffee, and it’s actually very simple.

Just use two K-Cups for a 12-ounce cup by selecting the 6-ounce serving size and adding a new K-Cup once the first brewing process is complete. This allows you to get the full amount of flavor you’re looking for with the perfect water-to-coffee ratio.

And if all else fails, you can try a reusable coffee filter that you can fill with the right amount of your own grinds to get the strength and flavor you want for less money.

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