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Dyson DC58 Review

Unlike home repairs or DIY projects, vacuuming is simply a never-ending house chore. No matter what you do or how tidy you are, your floors, upholstery, and car will never be completely clean. Not to mention that once you clean them, they absolutely refuse to remain in that state. So the best thing for tackling this problem is getting an amazing vacuum that will help you to take care of any mess ASAP. For that purpose, we tested Dyson DC58, and here are our thoughts.

If you want power, style, and practicality all in one place, then you should definitely consider this tiny beast.

The Basics

Hassle-free and cordless, this 1.6-kilogram vacuum won’t restrict you in any way. You can take it with you wherever you go, it works quickly, and it’s so user-friendly anyone can use it.

Thanks to its fade-free lithium-ion batteries, you can expect up to 30 minutes of great suction from this handheld vacuum. What you’ll like even more is the fact that it offers 100 Air Watts of suction power. As a result, DC58 is more than able to handle ground-in dirt from carpets, and even animal hair from upholstery. Its dustbin has a capacity of 0.4L, so it can handle quite a bit before you have to clean it.

What we liked a lot when we got to test this model is the fact that Dyson’s hygienic dirt ejector ensures that you don’t have to touch the dirt at all. You just drive it out with a single action.

DC58 has a run time of about 20 minutes, and it takes about 3.5 hours to fully charge. If you decide to use the boost mode, the battery will only last for 6 minutes, but it really adds a serious amount of power.

Although this is an amazing product, Dyson added one more thing to it to make it stand out — an exceptional 2-year warranty. It covers the labor, the parts, and even the shipping costs in case of a malfunction.

The Design

Dyson Dc 58 Review

While most handheld vacuums follow the same design, Dyson has clearly taken a different route with DC58. They made it so it doesn’t look beautiful, but it is still somehow stylish. Robust and comfortable to handle, this thing was designed with efficiency in mind rather than good looks.

Dyson DC58 Features

* HEPA filtration system
* Powerful V6 digital motor
* Washable filter
* Hygienic dirt ejector
* Mini motorized brush bar

What Else Comes with This Vacuum

When it comes to accessories, this Dyson model doesn’t come with an abundance of them. However, those that do come in the package are more than enough.

It comes with a mini motorized tool that helps dirt and pet hair removal, an extension hose that provides extra reach, a combination tool that enables you to reach crevices, and a car charger if you want to have this with you at all times.

Dyson DC58 Performance

This is mostly a spot cleaner, but we had to check if it worked as advertised. So we threw everything we could think of in its way. Hair, dirt, dust, food — and here’s how it performed on different surfaces.


Although not really meant for thorough vacuuming of the whole house, this little guy will neatly clean any debris off of your floors.


We threw coffee beans, crushed cookies, rice, and cheerios into thick carpets, and DC58 managed to pick it all up without a hitch. It will also pick up dust bunnies and pet hair easily after you attach the combination tool.


Dyson Dc58 Review

Thanks to the crevice tool, this is a great choice for cleaning tight spaces. However, if your main problems when it comes to the upholstery are hair and dust, the combination tool will help you solve them.

Pet Hair

The mini motorized tool has a dirt agitator built in. This is particularly important for dislodging pet hair, as it catches every strand and enables DC58 to vacuum it. Pet owners swear by this attachment and its effectiveness, and after we’ve seen it in action, we understand why.

What Do the Users Have to Say?

We know that our opinions don’t matter much — we just tested it for a day. What really matters is what its users think. And they apparently like it very much. With 4.6 on Amazon and 103 positive reviews, it seems that in spite of its high price, DC58 is rather popular.

People who like it — love it. They claim that it’s quiet, well-made, durable, lightweight, amazing with pet hair, and so user-friendly that even kids can use it easily.

On the other hand, those who regret their purchase mostly claim that the battery doesn’t hold its charge long enough. For this, we really can’t say if they’re right or wrong. It depends on too many different factors, so it is entirely possible that after you charge this Dyson and leave it lying around for a week or more, you won’t be able to get full 20 minutes of vacuuming out of it.

The Pros of Dyson DC58

When we look at this Dyson, we see a bunch of great things. It comes with more than enough accessories for all your cleaning needs; it’s amazing for pet hair, it has a decent run time, a powerful digital motor, and a hygienic dirt ejector.

The Cons of Dyson DC58

However, there are certain things about this product that we don’t like. They aren’t necessarily deal-breakers, but you should consider them. The price is a bit hefty for people who only use a handheld vacuum once in a blue moon, it is kind of bulky, and you can’t replace its battery by yourself when it dies, but you have to take it to a Dyson dealership.

The Verdict Is In — If You Have a Pet, You Will Love It

Dyson Dc58

If you need a handheld vacuum that really packs a punch, that will clean every nook and cranny, and pick up every hair and dirt particle; this is it. Although the price tag is a bit too much, if you’re willing to spend a top buck for a top-notch product, look no further.

Dyson DC58 Review
  • 9.2/10
    Overall - 9.2/10


The Dyson DC58 handheld vacuum passed our tests with flying colors. It is absolutely recommended to everyone!

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