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Wine is a world of depth and nuances. There’s more to wine than white, red and rosé. If you’re reading this article then you’re not a sommelier and are probably looking for the next best thing to a sommelier. You’re in luck since we will be covering the best wine apps smartphones have to offer.


Wine App

Vivino is a wine database that has cataloged over 10 million wines. The Vivino app allows users to take pictures of their wine and upload it to the database. If the wine has already been cataloged then the wine’s profile will be displayed on the screen.

Each wine profile displays the average price, taste characteristics, reviews of the wine, alcohol percentage, food pairings, where the wine is made and more. Vivino also has a social media aspect where users may follow other users and read their reviews.

The Vivino app allows users to search for wine based on the type of wine, food pairing and the style of the wine. Vivino is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play


Delectable Logo

Another popular app is Delectable. One of the major similarities it has with Vivino is the ability to upload pictures and catalog wine. If the wine has already been uploaded then its profile will be displayed. Unlike Vivino, Delectable allows users to upload and catalog beer as well.

The average price of the wine will be displayed within its profile along with reviews of the wine by other users. The profile will also display where the wine is made and what type of wine it is. However, the wine profiles won’t display taste characteristics or what food the wine pairs well with.

Delectable allows users to buy wine via the app and have it shipped to them depending on the state they live in. The Delectable app is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.


Wine Tracking App

CellarTracker is another wine app that allows users to scan barcodes and labels on wine bottles. CellarTracker was originally made to help wine enthusiasts catalog their wine. Now the app has grown to a complete community and database of over 2.1 million wines and 5 million notes.

The app’s user interface feels a bit clunky and dated but the substance of its database is nonetheless vast. For organizing your wine, they may be cataloged under multiple categories based on if they’ve been purchased, consumed, stored in your cellar and more.

CellarTracker is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Decanter Know Your Wine

Wine Review App

Decanter is a wine news website and magazine. In may spring of 2018 Decanter launched an app called Decanter Know Your Wine. The Decanter app is presented as a “micro-learning” app that helps users learn more about wine through short and spaced out informational segments.

Decanter Know Your Wine sets itself apart from previously covered wine apps by directly teaching about wine and its nuances rather than providing a wine database. The app includes 10 free learning modules and more may be acquired through in-app purchases.

The biggest caveat to Decanter Know Your Wine is that it isn’t available for Android. The app may be downloaded for iOS in the App Store

Hello Vino

Best Wine Apps For Iphone

Next up we have Hello Vino. Hello Vino is an app that helps recommend wine for its users. Wine is recommended based on food pairing, occasion, taste preference, and wine type. Popular wines are also displayed along with the food they best pair with.

Once you’ve chosen the wine based on criteria, Hello Vino will recommend particular brands of wine to choose from. The wine’s profile will display the rating and cost of the wine. Users may choose to save brands of wine to a favorites list and wishlist.

Along with wine recommendations, users are also able to scan wine labels and upload them to the database. The caveat to this is that label scans cost extra. Hello Vino is available on iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.


Wine Ratings App

We have yet another wine app that allows users to scan wine labels to catalog and search for wine. Wine-Searcher focuses primarily on finding specific wines. A wine’s profile will display its average price, where the wine can be purchased, tasting notes, where the wine is made, alcohol percentage and which food pairs best with the wine.

Users are also able to look up and catalog other liquors including whiskey, rum, vodka and more. A news feed and encyclopedia are also included with the app to keep users up to date on wine news and other information pertaining to grapes and producers.

Wine-Searcher is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play

Wine Picker

Wine App Iphone

Our next app helps users choose restaurants based on the restaurant’s wine selection. Wine Picker allows users to find restaurants on a map and view the restaurant’s wines. Once a restaurant is chosen, users can set a price range of how much they want to spend to help narrow their search for wine.

Restaurant wine lists are cataloged by the Wine Picker community, users are able to take pictures of a restaurant’s wine list and upload it to the Wine Picker app. The app also recommends food pairings with types of wine but does not recommend specific brands of wine.

Wine Picker is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play

Wine Events

Wine Tasting App

Our final wine app lets users find events in their local area that are geared towards wine. Wine Events uses the user’s location to find wine-related events in their area including wine tastings, wine festivals and more.

The app also allows users to browse through wine and food vacations taking place all around the world. Each vacation profile contains a full description of what the vacation will entail along with the price. Some vacation profiles come with exclusive discounts via the Wine Events app.

Wine Events is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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