Best Single Cup Coffee Maker 2020 – The Perfect Buying Guide

Single cup coffee makers are unmatched in their ability to give you quick and easy cup of coffee without a lot of hassle, especially on busy mornings when you don’t have time to wait around for a whole pot to finish brewing.

Delivering a fresh, hot cup of coffee at the push of a button is one of their main draws, but you need to find one that works for you.

Do you like to use loose ground coffee, or would you prefer the convenience and variety of K-cups?

Are you only making one cup at a time? Or do you want to brew several cups in a row without having to refill the water tank?

Those are important considerations when it comes to finding the single serve coffee maker with the features you’ll need.

We searched through the vast number of single cup coffee makers to find the one that outperforms when it comes to performance, coffee quality, durability, and price.

In this guide, you’ll find detailed information about the best coffee makers on the market. Read on to learn why we’ve chosen each product and how each one stacked up.

The 5 Best Single Cup Coffee Makers For 2020

Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

About Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

If you’re not a fan of coffee pods, the Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker is a great choice.

It comes with a dishwasher-safe permanent filter, so all you have to do is pick your favorite ground coffee.

The drip tray is adjustable to accommodate mugs up to six inches tall, and the tank holds up to 14 ounces of water.

This compact coffee maker has a simplistic design without any clocks or settings adjustments. All you do is add water and coffee, then flip the switch for a quick cup of coffee.

You can also use it to make hot water for oatmeal, hot chocolate, tea, or instant snacks.

Our Thoughts

The Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker is a basic machine that doesn’t include a lot of features other than auto-shutoff, but it does make a very hot cup of coffee at the strength you want.

One of the most impressive things about the Bella One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker is its price. The black and stainless steel model is only around $20, which makes it the most inexpensive option in this guide.

This machine feels sturdier than expected for the price, and it consistently produces hot, flavorful coffee in about three minutes.

One downside of this machine is that there’s no auto-shutoff, which means you have to turn it off manually when it’s finished brewing. Another is that taller travel mugs don’t fit on the drip tray.

The Pros

  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Coffee is very hot

The Cons

  • No auto-shutoff
  • Not ideal for tall travel mugs

Keurig K55

About Keurig K55

Keurig is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers of single serve coffee makers, and the K55 is one of their most reliable.

This machine lets you brew up to six cups of coffee at a time with its 48-ounce reservoir, and it’s compatible for use with K-cups and reusable permanent filters.

In addition to the coffee maker, you’ll get a filter handle and two water filters to use in the reservoir for the freshest tasting beverages.

You can choose from a 6, 8, or 10-ounce cup size for the perfect brew each time, and the removable drip tray allows you to fit taller mugs.

Brew time is a bit slow for the first cup – about 5 minutes from preheat to coffee – then it only takes about a minute for subsequent cups.

This machine costs about $115, which about mid-range for a Keurig machine.

Our Thoughts

The Keurig K55 is a durable and attractive single cup coffee maker, and it consistently brews a good cup of coffee without a lot of hassle.

There aren’t a lot of settings to deal with – you just add water and coffee, then choose a cup size.

You’re kind of limited in cup size choice compared to other machines, but you can work around that for a larger travel mug by using more than one K-cup.

The machine itself is easy to clean, since the drip tray is removable and the K-cup holder is dishwasher-safe.

While this machine doesn’t offer brew strength or auto-programming options, it’s a good, reliable choice for your daily cups of coffee.

The Pros

  • Large reservoir
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with K-cups and reusable filters

The Cons

  • Limited cup size choices
  • No adjustable brew strength

Hamilton Beach 49981A

About Hamilton Beach 49981A

The Hamilton Beach 49981A is a durable single-serve coffeemaker with an all stainless steel body.

The machine lets you brew ground coffee in with a scoop-style steel mesh filter. You just scoop the amount of coffee that you want, place in in the brew basket, and it’s ready to go.

If you prefer stronger coffee, this machine gives you a bold option in addition to the regular, so you can customize it to suit your tastes.

The drip tray has an adjustable height that’s ideal for smaller cups and tall mugs, too. Brew times are quick, with an 8-ounce cup brewing in less than 90 seconds, and a 14-ounce mug in about two minutes.

This coffee maker only costs around $40, which isn’t bad considering its durability and features.

Our Thoughts

The Hamilton Beach 49981A is a sleek looking machine that doesn’t take up at lot of space and quickly produces a good cup of coffee. It’s especially ideal if you like to grind your own beans and adjust your brew strength.

The scoop filter has measurement lines on it, so it’s easy to know exactly how much coffee to use for your cup size.

In addition to the metal scoop filter, there’s a mesh filter that catches any finer stray grinds that might get through, which is a nice feature.

However, sometimes fine sediment can get through the filters and make an appearance at the bottom of your cup.

The Pros

  • Low price
  • Brews quickly
  • Adjustable strength

The Cons

  • Filter isn’t always effective

Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2

About Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2

If you’re looking for a more affordable single-serve coffee maker that lets you use K-cups or ground coffee, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2 might be a good choice.

It lets you brew up to 10-ounce cups, and has an adjustable drip tray that fits shorter cups and tall mugs.

The machine has a slim design with a black and stainless steel body, and is compact enough to fit in small spaces.

There’s also cord storage space in the back of the machine, which is useful if you need to conserve more space or transport the machine.

This is a simple coffee maker without any adjustments or settings, but it has a brew/off button. The coffee maker automatically shuts off when it finishes brewing, too.

It has a removable and washable drip tray to keep your brewing station clean, and it comes with a reusable permanent filter for ground coffee.

Our Thoughts

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2 is a solid machine that provides a quick cup of coffee whether you use a K-cup or ground coffee.

If you’re not picky about brew strength or want to brew more than 10 ounces at a time, this coffee maker gets the job done well.

One unique feature this coffee maker has is its removable pod/filter drawer that you remove from the machine to fill and empty. It doesn’t make much of a difference in performance, but it does make it easier to dispose of used pods.

This machine costs about $60, which isn’t too bad considering its sturdy, attractive design and flexibility to brew K-cup pods or ground coffee.

The Pros

  • Quick brew time
  • Very hot coffee
  • Compatible with K-cups and ground coffee

The Cons

  • No adjustable cup size or strength
  • Limited to 10 oz. capacity

Breville Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

About Breville Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

If you’re looking for a single serve coffee maker that does more than make regular coffee, the Breville Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine gives you a lot of options.

This machine is designed for use with Nespresso Vertuo capsules exclusively, so you’re kind of limited in that regard. You can’t use your own ground coffee or K-cups in this machine.

However, you can brew up to 5 different sizes of espresso or single cups of coffee with the touch of a button. With the purchase of the coffee maker, you’ll get 12 complimentary coffee capsules to try.

The coffee maker has a removable 40-ounce reservoir, and it heats up water in about 15 seconds so you don’t have to wait long for your beverage. The drip tray adjusts to three different heights to suit your cup size, too.

This machine comes in a variety of colors like chrome, red, black, matte black, and titan so you can find the right match for your space.

Our Thoughts

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine has a premium look and feel, and it’s easy and fun to use.

There aren’t any settings to choose from, since the machine uses automatic blend recognition to detect which coffee blend you’re using and adjusts its parameters accordingly for a perfectly customized cup.

This machine makes great espresso and coffee, and it ejects the pod when you’re finished brewing, too.

One common issue is that the coffee isn’t hot enough, but this can be remedied by preheating the water before actually brewing a cup.

The machine costs about $120, which isn’t that expensive considering the versatility of this machine. However, since you’re limited to Nespresso Vertuo capsules, the overall cost of ownership can be a bit pricey.

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Brews coffee and espresso
  • Automatically detects coffee type

The Cons

  • Somewhat expensive
  • Coffee isn’t always hot enough

The Best Single Cup Coffee Maker for 2020

Single Serve Coffee Makers

Most coffee drinkers know that what makes a great cup of coffee is a very subjective thing. So we’ve chosen the best single cup coffee maker in terms of features, versatility, and value.

The Keurig K55 provides a lot of versatility for beverage choice, it’s easy to use, and it holds plenty of water for multiple cups in a row, so it’s definitely the best overall.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2 offers impressive performance and has a great look that fits well in smaller spaces.

Any of the options in the guide can provide you with a great cup of coffee quicker than a traditional drip coffee maker, and hopefully we’ve made that choice easier for you.

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