Best Mini Fridges 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide And Mini Fridges Reviews

Mini fridges, probably one of the greatest conveniences someone could afford for themselves. The mini fridge can be used in many different settings, most notably the office, bedroom, and of course the college dorm room.

Now, mini fridges come in all sorts of sizes. Some are fairly cheap and small that can be easily transported. Other mini fridges are rather large and could adequately serve as a primary fridge for one person. Others are designed to showcase what is inside of them with a glass door.

In this guide, we will be covering the different types of mini fridges from the extremely compact and cheap to the large and expensive.

The 6 Best Mini Fridges For 2020

Danby Beverage Center

About the Mini Fridge

First, we have a mini fridge made by Danby. Danby is a Canadian company based in Ontario that focuses on providing compact household appliances designed for tight spaces like apartments. Danby provides compact washing machines, portable air conditioners, dishwashers, and of course mini fridges.

The Danby Beverage Center can hold up to 120 12 oz cans and has a clear glass door, allowing for easy viewing of inventory without having to open the fridge. The Danby Beverage Center measures a total of 93.5 liters of capacity inside itself.

Inside the fridge is a blue LED light that illuminates the beverages at all times. Due to the light being LED this won’t consume nearly as much energy as a normal incandescent bulb and will last much longer. 3 shelves made of black wire are located inside the fridge.

The thermostat can be set from 43F to 57F.  The glass on the door is tempered to prevent shattering and the trim is stainless steel. The door hinge can be removed and reversed allowing for the door to be opened from the left or the right side. A lock and key for the door are provided with purchase.

The Danby Beverage Center weighs about 69 pounds and costs about $215. An 18-month warranty is included with purchase, however, the 18-month warranty only covers “functional parts” and not plastic parts.  The plastic parts are only covered by a 30-day warranty.

Our Thoughts

Best Mini Fridge With Freezer

With the capacity of 93.5 liters, this mini fridge definitely does not disappoint. The price of about $215 is expensive, but you get what you pay for. The tempered glass is excellent in the case of any accidents, nobody wants to deal with shattered glass.

The reversible door hinge may or may not be seen as an advantage to some. Regardless, the choice of choosing which side the hinge is placed on is better than no choice at all.

The main drawback of Danby mini fridge is the 30-day warranty for the plastic parts which seems to be effectively pointless. However, the 18-month warranty for functioning parts is still better than nothing.

The Pros

  • 93.5 Liter Capacity
  • Tempered Glass Door
  • 18-Month Warranty For Functioning Parts

The Cons

  • 30-Day Warranty For Plastic Parts

Cooluli Infinity

About the Mini Fridge

Next, we have a mini fridge from Cooluli. Cooluli is an American company based in Brooklyn New York and was recently founded in 2016. Cooluli focuses on providing small and portable fridges that double as a heating system as well. Simply put their fridges can keep their contents cold and hot!

The Cooluli Infinity has a capacity of 15 liters and only weighs 10.7 pounds. Due to the compact and lightweight design, this mini fridge can fit just about anywhere and offers a range of versatility that other mini fridges cannot.

The thermostat for this mini fridge can be set to cool from either 35F to 40F and can heat up to 149F. The switches to easily and quickly alternate between cold and hot are located on the back of the Infinity. The cooler and warmer is thermo-electric which saves on power consumption compared to other freon based fridges.

The Cooluli Infinity can be powered via a 120-volt wall outlet, 12-volt car plug, and a 5-volt USB. The 120-volt wall outlet will create the best heating and cooling experience but the versatility of using this in a car or with a USB battery bank is excellent.

The cost of the Cooluli Infinity is about $100 and a 1-year warranty is included with purchase.

Our Thoughts

Best Mini Fridges

The Cooluli Infinity is without a doubt one of the most versatile mini fridges. With the ability to both cool and heat, this mini fridge offers an experience others cannot. Being able to efficiently keep food hot or cold at work, in a car, or even on a picnic is unprecedented.

Though, the price of about $100 isn’t cheap but it also is not expensive for such a useful product. A 1-year warranty included with purchase is excellent for a mini fridge of this caliber. The only drawback of this mini fridge is that it won’t get as cold as freon based fridges.

The Pros

  • Extremely Compact
  • Cools & Heats
  • Energy Efficient
  • Lightweight
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Portable

The Cons

  • Lacks Freon Technology

hOmelabs Mini Fridge

About the Mini Fridge

hOmelabs produces an array of different household appliances including humidifiers, alarm clocks, microwaves, air conditioners, and the hOmelabes mini fridge. The hOmelabs mini fridge has a capacity of 93.5 liters. This mini fridge measures a width of 18.5 inches, depth of 17 inches and a height of 32.7 inches.

3 glass shelves are included with this mini fridge and can be removed and adjusted to the user’s needs. A freezer is located at the top of the mini fridge and is covered with an adjustable flap, allowing the freezing air to stay in or permeate the entire fridge.

Beneath the freezer is a drain tray that collects any dripping that may occur. Like the Danby Beverage Center, the door on the hOmelabs mini fridge is also reversible. The door also has an excellent amount of storage located on the inside of it with a slot for canned drinks and more.

There are 3 temperature settings for this mini fridge min, med, and max. While on med temperature setting, the temperature inside the fridge will range from 33F to 35F. The finish on the door is stainless steel, allowing users to mark the front of the door with a dry erase marker for notes and reminders.

The feet located on the bottom of the fridge are adjustable, ensuring the the fridge is level with the floor. The cost of the hOmelabs mini fridge is about $173 and a 2-year warranty is included with purchase.

Our Thoughts

Small Fridge

This mini fridge is definitely large enough to work as an adequate fridge for a single person. With the adjustable shelving and the extra storage in the door, this mini fridge does not disappoint.

For the price of around $173 this the hOmelabs mini fridge packs more for less. A 2-year warranty is excellent for a mini fridge of this price, ensuring confidence in the owner’s purchase. The only potential drawback is the freezer size, but it’s a mini fridge and this is expected.

The Pros

  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • Stainless Steel Door Finish
    Adjustable Feet

The Cons

  • Small Freezer

hOmelabs Beverage Refrigerator

About the Mini Fridge

We have yet another mini fridge from hOmelabs, but this particular model is akin to the Danby beverage center. We have the hOmelabs beverage refrigerator!

The hOmelabs beverage refrigerator holds up to 120 12 oz cans and 60 bottles of wine. This mini fridge measures 18.9 inches in width, 33.25 inches in height, and 17.30 inches in depth. The total internal storage capacity is 90.6 liters. The door to this mini fridge is glass with a stainless steel bezel finish.

As with previous models, the door to the hOmelabs beverage center is also reversible. 3 adjustable and removable metal shelves are included, allowing the user to organize the contents of the fridge to their need. A blue LED light is located inside the fridge, lighting the contents while saving energy.

The thermostat controls are located inside the mini fridge above the top shelf. The controls are touch-sensitive and allow the fridge to be cooled to as low as 33F. The touch controls also have a power and light button.

If the mini fridge loses power it will automatically resume the same temperature settings before losing power. As with the previous hOmelabs mini fridge, the feet on this model are also adjustable to fit level with any type of floor.

The cost of the hOmelabs beverage refrigerator is about $248, about $33 more than the Danby beverage center.  A 2-year warranty is included with purchase.

Our Thoughts

Best Mini Refrigerator

This hOmelabs beverage refrigerator has as much space as the Danby beverage center has while costing more. The main difference between these two very similar models is the touch-sensitive controls and the adjustable feet.

Whether or not these differences translate into about $33 more dollars in cost is up to the buyer. We think the touch-sensitive controls are an excellent addition, except we would prefer them to located on the outside of the mini fridge rather than on the inside.

The price of about $248 definitely isn’t cheap, the previous hOmelabs mini fridge cost about $173, roughly a $75 dollar difference. Some may not find the glass door and touch controls worth the extra cost. The 2-year warranty is expected for a mini fridge that costs nearly $250.

The Pros

  • 90.5 Liter Capacity
  • Glass Door
  • Touch Controls
  • Adjustable Feet
  • 2-Year Warranty

The Cons

  • Expensive

Midea WHD-113FSS1

About the Mini Fridge

Next up, we have a mini fridge created by Midea. Midea is a Chinese company based in Guangdong China. Midea produces many different home appliances including air conditioners, blenders, coffee makers, and mini fridges.

The Midea WHD-113FSS1, but we will call it the Midea mini fridge for short, sets itself apart from the competition by having a completely separate freezer compartment with a door located above the larger refrigerator section.

Most mini fridges have only one door with a freezer compartment located within the refrigeration section. This allows extra space to be utilized within the refrigerator and the freezer. The Midea mini fridge is a smaller version of many standard fridges.

The Midea mini fridge has a capacity of 62.3 liters in the bottom fridge while the freezer has a capacity of 26 of liters. The total capacity of this mini fridge is 88.3 liters. The Midea mini fridge measures 18.5 inches in width, 19.4 inches in depth, 33 inches in height, and weighs 52.2 pounds.

The feet on the Midea mini fridge are adjustable allowing the fridge to be balanced and level with the floor. The door is also reversible from right to left. The temperature is adjustable via a thermostat knob, allowing the refrigerator to be set from 32F to 50F, while the freezer may be set from -11.2F to 5F.

1 removable shelf is included and a vegetable crisper drawer acts as a second shelf. The cost of the Midea mini fridge is about $195 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Our Thoughts

Top Rated Mini Fridge

The Midea mini fridge is unlike all its other counterparts in this guide as it has a completely separate freezer with door. Most mini fridges don’t have a vegetable crisper either. Though the price of this mini fridge isn’t cheap, at about $195, it justifies this price with its dedicated freezer.

The only drawback to this fridge is the single removable shelf but the storage on the doors make up for that. We would prefer to see a 2-year warranty with a mini-fridge but a 1-year warranty is better than nothing.

The Pros

  • Dedicated Freezer
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Vegetable Crisper

The Cons

  • 1 Removable Shelf


About the Mini Fridge

Last but not least we have a mini fridge by RCA. RCA is an American company based in New York City. RCA manufactures just about everything from TVs, appliances, lighting and more.

The RCA IGLOO mini fridge has a capacity of 90.6 liters. This mini fridge measures 21.5 inches in width, 18.8 inches in depth, 32.8 inches in height, and weighs 47 pounds. 2 adjustable glass shelves are included and 8 brackets to put them on, allowing the user a multitude of options.

A freezer shelf is located at the top of the mini fridge. Next to the freezer shelf is a knob thermostat for controlling temperatures, there are 7 different temperature settings to choose from. To add more storage the door has 2 shelves, a slot for 12 oz cans and a space to put a 1-liter bottle.

As with many of the mini fridges covered in this guide, the door on the RCA IGLOO is reversible as well. The feet on the bottom of the mini fridge are also adjustable so the fridge can be perfectly level with the floor.

The cost of the RCA IGLOO is about $110, the cheapest of all the conventional mini fridges in this guide. A 1-year warranty is included with purchase.

Our Thoughts

Best Small Refrigerator

For the price of about $110, the RCA IGLOO is a steal. Most mini fridges will cost $150 at the very least and to find one cheaper than that will always be worth the money.  For how cheap this mini fridge is, it does not disappoint in space or feature, especially the adjustable feet.

The only drawback of the RCA IGLOO is the lack of a third shelf. Since this mini fridge has so many brackets we would prefer the option of a third shelf. A 1-year warranty is excellent for a mini fridge for this price.

The Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable Feet
  • 1-Warranty

The Cons

  • Lacks 3rd Adjustable Shelf

Who Needs a Mini Fridge?

Mini fridges serve all sorts of purposes. Some people may want one for their office, a party room, or dorm. Some may need an abnormally small mini fridge like the extremely compact Cooluli Infinity, which can be transported and powered easily on the go.

Mothers may need a mini fridge to easily store their breast milk while other people may want one for storing skin care products. The reasons for getting a mini fridge are numerous and the types of mini fridges available are even more numerous.

Who needs a mini fridge comes down to the user’s personal wants and needs. Some may opt for a mini fridge that is best suited for storing beverages while others may need a mini fridge with freezer. Regardless, anyone can benefit from a mini fridge whether they need or want a mini fridge.

The Best Mini Fridge of 2020

Best Rated Mini Fridge

The Midea WHD-113FSS1 is without a doubt the best mini fridge in this guide. With a dedicated freezer, this mini fridge is able to maximize space by both having a freezing and refrigeration chamber. Along having 2 chambers the Midea has extra storage in both its doors.

The Midea is also the only mini fridge in this guide to have a dedicated vegetable crisper. A vegetable crisper is a particular feature that could be a deciding factor for many consumers when purchasing a mini fridge. The cost of the Midea is not steep either, costing around $195.

Each one of the mini fridges reviewed in this guide has its pros and cons that make each model unique. Though any mini fridge in this guide is excellent, they each serve a different purpose and need. When choosing your next mini fridge, remember to keep in mind the reason you want it for the most.

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