Best Lawn Mower 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

The yard is on full display during the summer so make sure you take good care of it. Having the right mower can make all the difference and save you tons of precious time on those weekends when the lawn needs a good cut.

Unfortunately, the market for mowers is so diluted that finding the right mower can be difficult.

Buyers have to consider electric or gas, cordless or corded, mower size and weight, and so much more.

With all these variables, finding the mower that is perfect for your exact mowing and lawn situation isn’t easy.

Fortunately, however, we did the work for you.

Keep reading for a deep dive into all the very best lawn mowers out there, and hopefully find the mower that is best for you!

The 8 Best Lawn Mowers for 2020

ProductPowered ByAdjustable Cutting HeightCordlessSelf-DriveDeck Size
Two 20V Batteries3 HeightsYesNo14”
40V Lithium-Ion Battery7 Heights

82V Lithium-Ion Battery7 HeightsYesYes21”
56V Lithium-Ion Battery6 HeightsYesYes21”
163cc Briggs & Stratton Engine9 HeightsYesYes22”
160cc Honda Engine6 HeightsYesYes21”
200cc Honda GCV Engine7 HeightsYesYes21”
223cc Briggs & Stratton Engine7 HeightsYesYes30”

Worx WG779 Electric Mower

Lawn Mower

About the Worx WG779

Worx is a well-known maker of garden and outdoor tools and machinery, and the WG779 is a great example of the value their products bring to consumers.

Speaking of value, we’ve previously considered the Worx WG779 to be the best value electric mower currently on the market!

The Worx WG779 provides 40V of power thanks to two separate 20V batteries. The batteries can be charged in the Dual Port Charger, and they also work in other Worx electric products!

Lawn Mower Reviews

The Worx can both mulch and bag its trimmings, though there is no side-discharge.

The mower is cordless and features Intellicut technology which revs up the torque in denser patches of grass.


One of the very best features of the Worx WG779 is how easy it is to store. It folds up very compact, so you won’t have to worry about making too much space in your garage or shed for it!

Best Lawn Mowers

Additional features include:

  • A single-lever adjustment to move the deck between three different cutting heights
  • Hard topped collection bag with capacity indicator and carry handle
  • Foam padded handles
  • Turbo and Eco modes
  • Battery power level indicators
  • Push button start

When you take all of its features into account, this is a great value machine considering its price!

Our Input

The Worx isn’t a heavy-duty mower, meaning it is best suited for smaller to mid-size yards, but for those situations it’s one of the very best.

At an incredible price it provides a very reliable cut and is packed with features you want and need in a lawn mower.

Best Lawnmower

We would have liked if it had a steel mowing deck, and there are a few online complaints about the mower arriving with faulty batteries, but for the most part there are no large negatives with the Worx WG779.

One additional benefit of purchasing a Worx machine is a better-than-average customer service experience.

Best Lawnmowers

Overall, this is one of the best value electric mowers out there, but thanks to a competitor’s recent price cuts, it doesn’t quite take the title!

Ryobi Electric Mower

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

About the Ryobi Electric Mower

Up next we’ll take a look at Ryobi’s electric mower, an immensely popular mower at retailers like Home Depot.

Best Lawn Mower 2019

The Ryobi is a great electric option for mid-size yards, great for up to ½ acre.

It is powered by a 5.0Ah, 40V high-capacity battery that works in all compatible Ryobi 40V tools. The battery also has a runtime up to 40 minutes and can fully charge in as little as 3.5 hours.

Honda Mowers

But what really excites us about the Ryobi is its great list of features.

The Ryobi has a telescopic handle that collapses compactly, an intelligent load-sensing motor, a push button start, LED headlights, an onboard battery compartment, and so much more.

Best Push Mower

Our favorite feature of all has to be its compact folding capability, making the Ryobi one of the easiest mowers we’ve ever seen to store.

Additionally, it has a 7-point single-height adjustment spanning 1.5 – 4 inches, so you can mow your lawn the height you like.

Best Mower

Finally, the Ryobi has a 20-inch cutting deck, as well as mulching and bagging options, meaning you can cut your lawn quickly, and in whatever way you want.

Our Input

The Ryobi electric mower is an incredible machine at an equally incredible price point.

Lawn Mowers

And while the Ryobi is a great offering, it is still not without its flaws.

The wheels could be sturdier, as it can struggle with rougher terrain.

Additionally, the lack of a steel deck leaves the Ryobi feeling quite cheap and light – often tilting and lifting when you don’t want it to.

However, despite these two flaws, we still feel that the Ryobi is a great option for those with flatter, simpler pieces of land to mow.

Best Lawn Mower For The Money

It is rare to find a machine jam packed with utility and great features, and even rarer to not have to spend a fortune on it.

And what’s even better, the Ryobi comes with a 5-year limited warranty and a 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee.

The features and the price point of the Ryobi electric mower makes it the “Best Budget Mower” on the market, and the perfect option for those that want a no hassle, affordable mower.

Snapper XD Electric Mower


About the Snapper XD Mower

The Snapper XD is another great electric mower option, and one of Snapper’s  many electric garden tools.

This is a heavy-duty mower that comes packed with features.

Best Mulching Mower

The powerful 82V motor is powered by two 2-Ah batteries which can provide up to 45 minutes of operation each.

When you combine that long battery life with the large 21-inch steel deck, you get a mower that can tackle mid to large size yards with ease.

Lawnmower Reviews

The mower also has 3-in-1 capabilities, allowing for mulching, side-discharge, and bagging into its large 1.6L bag.

That’s not all though!

Honda Push Mower

The mower has other great features, including load-sensing technology, push-button start, single lever 7-position height adjustment, and an incredibly compact folding design!

Best Electric Lawn Mower

This Snapper XD is also self-propelled, although the option does exist to spend a little less on a version of the XD without it.

The Snapper XD is a well-built mower with great features and it gives a high quality mow, but it is expensive.

In our Best Electric Mower article we considered it the best overall electric mower, and it still ranks right near the very top of electric mower options.

Our Input

The Snapper XD is a great lawn mower, and we definitely believe its worthy of its large cost compared to the first two mowers on this list.

Best Push Lawn Mower

It comes with a solid build design that we appreciate, including a steel deck that gives the mower a very solid feel and weight to it.

Best Gas Lawn Mower

The batteries work in other Snapper devices, a function we always like to see in expensive electric devices.

It is incredibly easy to assemble and operate, and as mentioned before, performance and build quality are definitely very good.

It is pricey, but it is also good value at that cost.

The Snapper XD is an incredible mower, and one of our absolute favorite electric mower options.

EGO Power+ 21-Inch Electric Mower

What Is The Best Lawn Mower

About the EGO Power+

EGO Power+ has established themselves as a reliable brand, and continually impress homeowners with their ever-improving mower options.

The recently released 21-inch electric mower is definitely not a let-down.

If you purchased EGO’s prior 20-inch mower you probably didn’t regret that purchase for a second, and we’re guaranteeing that their new mower is just as reliable.

The 21-inch 56V mower takes everything EGO has learned from their prior mowers and improves upon it.

The Best Lawn Mower

The mower can cut up to 60 minutes on a single charge, thanks to the 7.5Ah 56V battery (which also works in other EGO electric devices).

Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

The construction of the machine was designed with quality and functionality in mind, giving a sturdy and solid build that is also very weather resistant.

Honda Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Our favorite feature has to be the great drive feel of this mower, meaning it is an absolute pleasure to actually operate.

The self-drive feature, in conjunction with the ability to stop the blade and walk the mower, allows for adaptability to garden hoses, extension cords, hills, rocks, or whatever obstacle you may come across.

Good Lawn Mower

Additionally, the mower is incredibly easy to store thanks to its folding handle.

The EGO also has LED headlights, 6-position height adjustment, and 3-in-1 mulching/side discharge/bagging utility.

Honda Lawn Mower Reviews

We love the look of the EGO Power+, but we love the way it cuts even more.

This is an incredible mower, packed with great features, and you can rely on it to handle almost any mowing job.

Our Input

The EGO Power+ 21-inch mower is an incredible improvement on their already great 20-inch mower.

Reviews online are unanimous; this is one of the most reliable and impressive mowers out there.

What’s even better, the price has recently been dropped on Home Depot’s online shop.

That seals the deal for us.

The EGO Power+ 21-Inch 56V mower is the “Best Value Electric Mower” out there.

Self Propelled Lawn Mower Reviews

It is still rather costly, but this fantastic mower is definitely worth it, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty for even more peace of mind.

Don’t believe us? Watch this review video below for even more confirmation:

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Toro Recycler Gas Mower

Honda Lawnmowers

About the Toro Recycler

While we’ve taken a look at some incredible electric mowers, for many, gas mowers are the only way to go.

Mechanical engines can be easier to troubleshoot than electric engines and are generally more powerful than electric options.

The first gas engine mower is the Toro Recycler, powered by a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine.

Push Lawn Mower Reviews

The best feature with this mower, and a very rare feature amongst gas engine mowers, is the SmartStow ability to fold up vertically saving plenty of space in your garage or shed.

Push Mower Reviews

The mower has a very large 22-inch deck, large 11-inch rear wheels, and a self-propelled front-wheel drive system that makes pushing and maneuvering the mower incredibly simple.

Toro Mower

Another cool feature is the washout port on the underside of the deck, which allows a hose to be attached to quickly and completely clean trimmings from the blade and deck.

The mower also has mulching, bagging, and side discharge capability, as well as 9 different height positions – meaning you can cut your lawn exactly the way you want.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

One thing that can definitely be said about gas mowers is that they are all built with sturdier and higher quality materials. The 22-inch deck of this Toro mower is steel, and the mower has a comfortable weight to it that reduces bumps and tipping while mowing.

This mower provides an incredible cut and can easily slice through grass that hasn’t been cut in weeks.

Overall, this is a solid option gas mower at a respectable price.

Our Input

This Toro Recycler gas mower is a very good option for anyone that prefers a gas mower.

It isn’t too expensive, it cuts quite well, and it has some really intuitive and great features, including a great foldup storage that you don’t see with gas mowers.

The build, and engine, quality isn’t on par with something like a Honda, but Toro is still a very reputable brand, and online complaints about build defects are rare.

Best Lawnmowers 2019

While it isn’t the very best gas mower we’ve come across, and while we still prefer Honda engines to anything else, this is still a great gas mowing option.

Given its incredible price to performance ratio, we see this as the “Best Value Gas Mower” on the market.

Honda HRR216VKA Gas Mower

Lawn Mower Review

About the Honda HRR216VKA Gas Mower

The Honda HRR216VKA is a great mower, and we’ve previously deemed it the “Best Overall” mower for a small yard.

Honda engines are known for their reliable, long-lasting, durable builds.

Needless to say, Honda lawn mowers are some of the very best money can buy.

The Honda HRR216VKA is no exception. While it is more expensive than the prior Toro Recycler, it also brings the peace of mind that a Honda engine and warranty offers.

Top Rated Lawn Mowers

The Honda HRR is a no-frills kind of machine, equipped with a 160cc Honda GCV engine.

It doesn’t come with much in the way of features, but it doesn’t need it. The mower is incredibly effective at cutting grass, and after all, that’s the most important feature of any mower.

Honda Self Propelled Mower

It does still have some great functions, like the smart drive self-propelled system which automatically adjusts the speed to your pace.

Best Push Mower 2019

Or the micro cut twin blades which means smaller clippings and faster decomposition when mulching.

As we said earlier, not the flashiest features, but what this machine does do is leave your lawn looking extremely healthy, and lets you enjoy more of your weekends and spend less time mowing your lawn.

Our Input

Given its lack of impressive features we couldn’t name this the best value gas mower, but it definitely is a worthwhile purchase if you want a simple mower that works.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower 2019

The mower has all the essential features, like mulching/bagging/side-discharge, a 21-inch steel deck, 6 position height adjustment, a solid build, and it is self-propelled.

But more importantly it delivers an easy cut for your lawn, sure to leave it looking healthy and impressive to neighbors.

It isn’t the most feature-heavy mower, but it’s a simple and effective mower.

Watch the review below to see what one buyer thinks after owning the Honda HRR216VKA long-term:

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Honda HRXVLA Gas Mower

Self Propelled Lawn Mower

About the Honda HRXVLA Gas Mower

Honda makes such a great mower that we’d be doing you a disservice not to review at least two models.

While the prior HRR216 is a solid mower, the HRXVLA really has our attention.

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At first glance the HRX doesn’t seem to different from the HRR, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The HRXVLA is an incredible mower, powered by a reliable Honda engine, and jam-packed with great features.

Best Mower 2019

To start, the Honda HRXVLA has the same smart-drive self-propelled system mentioned in the prior Honda mower, so you can mow at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

Gas Lawn Mower

The 21-inch Nexite deck is rust and scratch proof, and also has the same micro cut twin blades as the HRR, for superior mulching and bagging.

The mower has 7-position height adjustment between 0.75 and 4 inches, so you can cut your grass extra short, or leave it long.

These are some well thought out functions, but the HRXVLA also has features we haven’t seen anywhere else.

Lawnmower Review

A simple electric key start. On a gas engine. That’s right, no more pullcords (although there still is one in case the key doesn’t work).

Honda Hrx217vka

Our favorite feature has to be the 4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director.

The system allows for quick switching between mulching, bagging, side-discharging, and leaf shredding.

Honda Mower

That means that the Honda HRXVLA is a great 3 season tool, sure to keep your yard in the healthiest shape possible.

Finally, the mower also comes with a 5-year warranty, although it’s unlikely you’ll need it thanks to Honda’s incredible build quality and exceptional engine design.

Our Input

The Honda HRXVLA with Honda’s 200cc GCV engine is an incredibly designed machine that performs at an extremely high level.


This machine is perhaps the best we’ve seen if you take your lawn’s health seriously.

The different features allow for complete customization of the mowing experience, and the mower performs like a dream.

We should also mention that this mower is pretty lightweight, while still feeling sturdy and well-built.

Self Propelled Honda Lawn Mower

This is our “Best Overall” mower, either gas or electric.

It combines a high build quality with incredible performance, and while the price is a touch higher than the rest of the mowers on the list it is definitely a high value purchase.

Watch the video below for a full breakdown of our favorite mower on the market:

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Toro TimeMaster Gas Mower

Lawn Mower 2019

About the Toro TimeMaster

Our final mower is a monster.

This mower is reserved for those that need to tackle an extremely large plot of land but aren’t quite set on splurging on a riding mower.

Toro’s Recyler mower was previously mentioned on this list, and the TimeMaster is another solid offering from the brand.

Lawn Mowers For Sale

This gas mower has a huge 30-inch mowing deck, a 223cc Briggs & Stratton engine, and dual-force twin atomic blades.

Taking these three things into account, even the largest lawns can be cut in no time at all.

Lawn Mower Home Depot

It has other great features as well:

  • Spin-stop blade system stops the blades, not the engine
  • Personal pace self-propelled system, walk at your pace
  • Mulch, bag, and side discharge versatility
  • 2-point, 7-position height adjustment
  • Solid steel build
  • Quick stow storage handle

This is an incredibly well designed and thought out machine, and if you need a mower than can easily cut a large area of grass, this is the machine for you.

Our Input

Home Depot Mowers

This is a very expensive machine, understandably.

It is solely a machine intended for large yards, and we can’t really recommend it to the average buyer.

It is also huge, so make sure you have space to store it.

Lawn Mower Sale

This isn’t our best overall mower, as it is simply too much machine for most yards, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it.

This is a great mower with great features, and we can highly recommend it to those looking for a very heavy-duty gas mower.


Home Depot Lawn Mower

We’ve looked at some incredible lawn mowers, both electric and gas powered.

Lawn Mower Clearance

Electric mowers are constantly improving, and they come with some great benefits over traditional gas mowers, such as – saving on gas, easy storage, lighter weight, quieter, no fumes, and simple start up.

While electric mowers are stealing more and more market share from gas mowers, that doesn’t mean they are better in every regard.

Honda 4fl Lawn Mower

Gas mowers have some unique benefits, such as – accessibility of repair shops and repair parts, higher torque and power than electric motors, more durable engine build, and more weather resistant.

Regardless of which kind of mower you buy, this list has provided an opportunity to get an in-depth look at some of the best electric and gas mowers, but there were definitely some standouts.

Best Push Mower

Our “Best Budget” option was the Ryobi Electric Mower.

It combines a solid cutting performance with some great features and a reliable build, pretty much all you can ask for given its fantastic price.

What Is The Best Lawn Mower

Our “Best Value Electric Mower” was the new EGO Power+ Electric Mower.

The EGO is one of the best overall mowers we looked at. It has a near unparalleled amount of positive reviews online, thanks to its great performance, intuitive features, and general reliability.

You can’t go wrong with this one.

Push Lawn Mower Reviews

Next up, we fell in love with the Toro Recyler, our “Best Value Gas Mower”.

This mower stows so compactly (very rare for a gas mower) and provides a high quality cut.

Self Propelled Lawn Mower

But our “Best Overall” award goes to the Honda HRX217VLA.

The Honda GCV engine is as trustworthy as they come, and the machine delivers the most exceptional cut of any machine we’ve reviewed.

It also has some great features that let you cut your lawn to exactly your preference.

The Honda HRX217VLA is by far our favorite mower, although you can’t go wrong with any machine on this list.

Best Push Mower 2019

Having a well-groomed lawn can be a stamp of honor on your house, and you’re going to want the right tool for the job.

There is nothing worse than wasting a weekend fighting with your lawn mower, and that’s why we compiled this list of the very best mowers for you!

Enjoy a stress-free, and overgrown lawn-free, summer!

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