Best Inversion Table 2020 – Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

Many people who suffer from back pain have used inversion tables to relieve pain and pressure with a high degree of success. This is because when the body is suspended upside down, the shift in gravity relieves pressure from the spine and discs.

But that’s not the only benefit they can offer. Inversion tables can also help increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reduce inflammation, and stretch the back and spine.

Some people who use inversion tables notice an almost immediate short-term relief for neck and back pain, as well as muscle spasms. Other benefits include increased flexibility, stress relief, reduced insomnia, and better digestion.

Inversion tables are good for stretching out the back and neck, but some even include extra features like heat and massage settings.

Some inversion tables are better than others, and we’ve found a few of the best options available. We’ve covered everything you need to know about each one, so you can find the right inversion table to suit your needs and budget.

The 4 Best Inversion Tables For 2020

ProductWeight LimitHeight LimitPositions 
300 lb.5’1’’-6’5’’4
350 lb.4’10’’-6’6’’Unlimited
300 lb.4’8’’-6’6’’3
300 lb.4’10’’-6’6’’6

Health Gear ITM5500

About Health Gear ITM5500

If you’re looking for an inversion table that offers more than just inversion, the Health Gear ITM5500 comes with a remote-controlled heated vibrating massage pad for extra pain relief, which is removable for use on or off the table. It also has a 4-inch memory foam backrest that’s ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort.

This inversion table is easily adjustable to match your height with a height adjustor rod, and you can use the convenient side inversion pin system choose from four positions: a 20, 40, 60, or 90-degree angle.

The frame is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel for durability, and it’s made for users under 300 lbs. and between 5’1’’ and 6’5’’.

The table uses an oversized foam padding and an extra-long locking arm so you can easily secure your legs without any discomfort or pinching.

The built-in transportation wheels and space-saving design let you fold up the table and roll it into storage when you aren’t using it.

This inversion table is also relatively inexpensive considering the extra features you get, at around $235.

Our Thoughts

The Health Gear ITM5500 has a good balance of features and feels very durable. It’s easy to set up with clear instructions, and it includes the tools you need for assembly.

The table is very easy to get in and out of, and it’s also easy to switch positions with the long handle. The foam leg supports are also comfortable because of the thick memory foam padding.

The removable heated massage pad is a nice feature that’s actually best when used off of the table in a chair, but it might be good for some people if there’s sufficient contact with your back.

One downside is that some people above six feet tall might have issues with their heads hanging over the headrest. Another is that even when folded, this table takes up a lot of space, so it might not be ideal for smaller spaces.

The Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Adjustable heated massage pad
  • Can be used for exercising

The Cons

  • Head rest can be too short for some
  • Doesn’t fold compact

Exerpeutic 975SL

About Exerpeutic 975SL

The next inversion table we have is the Exerpeutic 975SL. It has an extra-large capacity design to hold users up to 350 lbs. and 6’6’’, so it’s ideal for bigger and taller people who want to experience the benefits of inversion therapy.

What makes this product unique is that it lets you choose any inversion angle up to 180 degrees, since you’re not limited by a pin system. It uses an iControl disk brake system that allows you to lock and unlock your positioning easily.

The backrest is 2.3 inches thick, and it’s made from vinyl-covered memory foam. There’s also a removable lumbar pillow for extra support.

This inversion table uses Airsoft ankle holders that conform to the shape of your feet and legs for a more comfortable experience. The locking mechanism is palm-activated and uses a double lock ratchet tooth system for extra security.

The table is foldable for storage, but it doesn’t have any wheels. At around $270, it’s reasonably priced for an extra-large capacity inversion table.

Our Thoughts

The Exerpeutic 975SL is a sturdy, well-built product that’s ideal for people who want a basic inversion table, and the wider back rest and positioning of the table make it a great choice for taller or bigger people, too.

It’s easy to put together and comes with the tools you’ll need, but since there aren’t any transportation wheels, it can be a little difficult to move around because of the large size. The fact that it’s foldable is a plus, though.

The table is easy to use and adjust, and the Airsoft cushioning makes a big difference in the comfort level of the ankle supports. Even after longer periods of time spent inverted, there’s minimal to no discomfort from the supports.

The only issue with the table is that it’s very heavy, but that’s to be expected for a larger inversion table.

The Pros

  • Extra-large capacity
  • Unlimited inversion positions
  • Comfortable ankle supports

The Cons

  • Very heavy

Teeter EP-960

About Teeter EP-960

If you’re looking for an inversion table that’s UL-certified for safety and quality, the Teeter EP960 could be a good choice. This one holds users between 4’8’’ and 6’6’’ and up to 350 lb., which has the widest range of user capacity we’ve seen so far.

This inversion table is part of the ComforTrak series that allows the use of additional accessories like acupressure nodes and a lumbar bridge for extra lower back support. The back rest is flexible and has built-in grips for easy stretching options.

There are EZ-Stretch traction handles for additional stretching options, as well as Stretch Max handles for support. The ankle supports are made with a specialized foam and design for very comfortable inversion.

The head pillow is adjustable for maximum comfort, and you can use the EZ-Angle tether support for preset positions at 20, 40, or 60 degrees, or you can use full inversion.

This inversion table is foldable for storage, but it doesn’t have transportation wheels.  It’s also the most expensive inversion table we’ve reviewed so far, at around $400.

Our Thoughts

The Teeter EP-960 is a very solid and well-built inversion table. It’s easy to put together since most of the pieces are preassembled, and there are very clear instructions as well as a 3D interactive assembly guide that’s accessible on the free TeeterLink app.

The table is easy to use and allows for a lot of customization when it comes to stretching and inversion positions. The extra-long ankle support handle makes it easy to lock and unlock your ankles without bending over.

The only downsides of this inversion table are the high price and the fact that there’s no padding on the backrest, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

The Pros

  • UL-certified
  • Accessory options
  • Extra stretching handles
  • TeeterLink app compatibility

The Cons

  • Expensive
  • No padding on backrest

Innova ITX9600

About Innova ITX9600

Last, we have a basic, heavy-duty inversion table that does the job without a lot of extras. The Innova ITX9600 is the most inexpensive option in this guide, at around $120.

It’s designed to support users from 4’10’’ to 6’6’’ and up to 300 lb. The backrest is padded, and the headrest is adjustable to match your height and comfort level.

This inversion table uses a six-pin adjustment system to allow safe, secure inversion at your desired angle. The soft foam handlebars provide you plenty of soft grip for support and stretching

One unique feature of this table is the reversible ankle support system that uses soft foam rollers. It gives you two options to choose from for the most comfortable position.

It also folds up for storage, but doesn’t have wheels for transportation.

Our Thoughts

The Innova ITX9600 is a decent, affordable inversion table that gets the job done with minimal hassle. It’s easy to put together and includes all of the necessary tools.

The backrest and headrest are decently padded and comfortable, and the supports and height adjustments are easy to use.

While this inversion table is inexpensive and doesn’t offer any special features, it feels very durable and secure. It’s also very customizable to suit most heights without any issues.

The only real downside is that the ankle supports can be uncomfortable, even with the reversible option.

The Pros

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Low price

The Cons

  • Uncomfortable ankle supports

The Best Inversion Table for 2020

Best Inversion Tables

Choosing the best inversion table can be a little tricky, since it generally depends on which specific features you’re looking for. However, we can definitely say that the Exerpeutic 975SL is the best overall in terms of accessibility, inversion options, and ease of use.

Ironman Inversion Table

If you’re looking for a more inexpensive, basic option, the Innova ITX9600 a great choice. It’s sturdy and easy-to-use make it well worth the money.

If you’ve decided to use inversion therapy to improve your back pain, stretch your body, or do some upside-down exercises, rest assured that any of the tables in this guide can help you safely do so.

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