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Best Food Delivery Apps

The question that smartphones have made our lives easier is still up for debate, but they’ve definitely made online shopping much easier. However, it isn’t just online shopping that has become seamless but food delivery has never been easier than a click away.

There is a range of advantages that food delivery apps offer, from providing comprehensive restaurant menus to completely removing the need to call the restaurant you’re ordering from. Many food delivery apps offer free delivery on your first order as well.

Food delivery apps have streamlined ordering and delivering food directly to your door. There are a variety of different food delivery apps to choose from. In this guide, we will be covering the best food delivery apps to order food from.


Food Delivery Services

Uber is already a famous name in the ride-hailing industry. Along with transporting people, Uber is also in the business of transporting food directly to your door for an extra fee. UberEats is Uber’s separate app that focuses primarily on ordering and delivering food.

UberEats allows users to browse for food through multiple different categories. These categories are divided by the culture the food is from, the type of food served, and more. UberEats also displays which restaurants are popular in the area and the delivery fee for each restaurant.

UberEats allows users to opt-out of delivery and pickup the food themselves as well. UberEats is available for iOS in the App Store and Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Fees vary from $1.99 to $4.99 depending on the restaurant.


Food Delivery App

DoorDash is a popular food delivery service founded in San Francisco in 2013. As of May 2019, DoorDash is now the most used food delivery app in the USA, with a 32% market share, this title was previously held by Grubhub.

DoorDash is available in more than 1,200 cities in North America and delivers for over 110,000 restaurants. Your first order through DoorDash will cost $0 for the delivery fee. DoorDash allows users to pick up their orders along with the option of having them delivered.

The easiest way to login to DoorDash is through a Gmail or Facebook account. Once you are logged in you must first choose the address to have food delivered to. Below each restaurant tab, the estimated time for the delivery or pick up will be displayed along with the cost of the delivery.

DoorDash is available for iOS in the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Fees vary depending on which restaurant that is ordered from and the demand at the time.


Food Delivery Apps

Despite Grubhub losing its status as the largest food delivery app, it is still one of the best apps to use. Grubhub is a bit more straightforward without requiring a login to browse its food options. Simply input the address you want the food delivered to and you’ll be shown the restaurants that deliver to the address.

Each restaurant will display an average delivery time along with user reviews of the restaurant. Unlike other food delivery apps, Grubhub does not charge a base delivery fee. Each delivery fee is set by the restaurant and some restaurants may require a minimum amount spent to order from them.

Grubhub allows users to browse through their menu based on cuisines which can range from foods that come from certain cultures or foods based on their nutritional value. Grubhub is available on iOS in the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Fees are dictated by the restaurant, not Grubhub.


Food Delivery Service

Postmates is yet another food delivery app that is headquartered in San Francisco. Postmates delivers food from restaurants like all the previous food delivery apps but they also set themselves apart by providing grocery delivery as well.

Ordering groceries is a bit different from ordering food from restaurants. To order groceries you must first choose the store you’d like to purchase from. Once you’ve chosen the store you add in a custom order of what you’d like from that store. Postmates allows the user to upload pictures of the products they’d like delivered to make the process easier for the delivery person.

Postmates is available on iOS in the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Delivery fees from Postmates can range from $1.99 to $3.99 from businesses they’ve partnered with. Delivery fees from all other businesses will range from $5.99 to $9.99. Delivery fees may be waived if a purchase is made from a trending restaurant. A subscription service of $9.99 a month is available, all orders over $20 will be delivered for free when subscribed to Postmates Unlimited.

Food Delivery Services is one of the most versatile food delivery apps currently available. With the user can have food, alcohol, and groceries delivered. not only delivers consumables but also can have your laundry washed, folded, dry cleaned and tailored. is available in select cities and alcohol delivery may not be available in some areas depending on alcohol laws. Users receive Delivery Points with each order made, these Delivery Points may be redeemed for credits toward users’ orders. is available on iOS in the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Delivery fees are dictated by the restaurants and establishments purchased from.


Best Food Delivery App

Instacart is different from many of the other apps in this guide since it focuses on grocery delivery. Instacart allows the user to pick from a range of available grocery stores in the user’s area. After choosing a grocery store, users may select from a range of items with picture displays.

Instacart is not limited to food products from stores but also can provide household products like paper towels, detergent and anything else sold at the selected grocery store. A subscription service called Instacart Express is available for $99 a year, orders of $35 or more will be delivered for free.

Instacart is available on iOS in the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Orders of $35 or more will cost a $3.99 delivery fee. A 5% tip is applied for the delivery person.


Delivery Apps

Seamless is a food delivery app founded in New York City. Grubhub and Seamless merged in 2013. They are one company but function as 2 separate apps. Seamless is extremely popular in New York City but is generally less popular than Grubhub in other cities across the US. Both apps are nearly identical to each other.

Seamless is available on iOS in the App Store or for Android on Google Play.

Delivery Fee: Delivery Fees are dictated by the restaurant and some may require a minimum amount spent to make an order.

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