Best Alarm Clock 2020 – The Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

Alarm clocks have been a staple of modern life since the advent of electric appliances. Though alarm clocks have changed over the years, their primary function has not.

These days alarm clocks come with more features than they ever have before. Integrating themselves deeper into our lives and attempting to make our lives easier.  New features that alarm clocks come equipped with include wake-up lights that mimic the sun, Bluetooth speakers, and charging ports.

Deciding on which alarm clock and how much to spend isn’t simple and can be difficult to decide which model is worth the money. This guide will illustrate the differences between popular alarm clocks and highlight the benefits and drawbacks between each alarm clock.

The 6 Best Alarm Clocks For 2020

ProductRadioBluetoothExtra Feature 
YesNoQI charging, USB port
YesYesUSB charging, Wake-up light
YesNoUSB charging, Indoor Temperature Reading
YesNoWake-up Light
YesNoWake-up light
NoNoUSB charging

iLuv Wireless Morning Call 5Q

About the Alarm Clock

iLuv is an American company based in New York City, they manufacture and distribute a variety of products including wireless speakers, headphones, wireless chargers, and other mobile devices and accessories. With their alarm clock, the iLuv Morning Call 5Q appears to have many of the devices iLuv sells fused into one product.

The iLuv Morning Call 5Q is packed with a ton of different features and capabilities including wireless charging, USB charging port for mobile devices, 2 different alarms, music shut off timer, and 10 FM radio station presets.

The front white LED display measures at 1.2 inches in diameter with an option for adjusting the brightness for those that are sensitive to light while sleeping. The brightness can be adjusted from high, low and off.

The alarm clock costs around US$39.99 and has backup battery space for 2 AAA batteries to maintain settings, time and alarms if power is disconnected.

Our Thoughts

Alarm Clocks

The iLuv Morning Call 5Q has plenty of features to warrant the price. The average cost of a wireless charger is about US$39.99, the same as this alarm clock. Getting a wireless charger along with a multi-featured alarm clock for this price is very competitive. An additional USB port for charging mobile devices is also a plus.

The main drawbacks to this alarm clock are the lack of aux cord jack or Bluetooth capability to further personalize music or alarm tones. The alarm clock lacks a wake-up light, for some that might not be a deal breaker but the lack of music input is definitely a drawback considering the price of this alarm clock.

The Pros

  • Wireless Charging
  • USB Charging for Mobile Devices

The Cons

  • Lacks Audio Input
  • Lacks Wake-Up Light

iHome iBT29BC

About the Alarm Clock

iHome is yet another brand that isn’t Apple but benefits from putting a lowercase i at the beginning of their name. iHome, similar to iLuv, makes a myriad of different products including wireless speakers, headphones, earbuds, insulated thermoses, smart plugs and more.

iHome is owned by SDI Technologies, a New Jersey-based company that manufactures and distributes consumer electronics.

Now, the iHome iBt29BC alarm clock has nearly every feature that anyone would be looking for in an alarm clock and more. The features it comes with include Bluetooth pairing for music, color changing light, wake-up light, aux cord input, USB charging port for mobile devices, speakerphone for voice calls, answer and end call buttons, noise cancellation, and 6 FM radio station presets.

This alarm clock seems to do just about everything making it easy to forget that it’s an alarm clock. The cost of the iHome iBT29BC can range from US$49.95 to US$59.99, make sure to shop around to get the best price possible.

Our Thoughts

Alarm Clock Reviews

This alarm clock comes packed full with features, for the price it is undeniably an excellent deal. Having an alarm clock that doubles as a music player, charging port, night light, and speakerphone is hard to beat.

The backup battery is a CR2 which is an extremely abnormal battery to use, however since the backup battery is infrequently to rarely used we don’t foresee the need to replace this abnormal battery often.

The Pros

  • Color Changing Light
  • Wake-Up Light
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • AUX Jack
  • USB Charging for Mobile Devices
  • Speakerphone

The Cons

  • Abnormal Backup Battery

Electrohome USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock

About the Alarm Clock

Next up, we have Electrohome, a Canadian company that was once the largest manufacturer of TV’s in Canada. Now, Electrohome focuses on a select few products with a vintage vibe including record players and alarm clocks.

The Electrohome USB Charging Projection Alarm Clock is one of the most basic alarm clocks in this guide. The alarm clock comes with either a white or blue display on its 1.2-inch screen and has 4 options to control the brightness of the display. This alarm clock costs about US$27.99.

There is no need to set the correct time and date as the alarm clock does that itself. A USB charging port for mobile devices is included on the back.

A backup lithium battery is included, enabling the alarm to still sound even if the alarm clock is not receiving power from the cord. AM/FM radio is included with 20 stations presets, far outpacing any other alarm clock is this guide.

The most noteworthy feature of this alarm clock is its red projection display. The time and temperature are projected from the left side of the alarm clock and can be swiveled at 180 degrees. This allows the time and date to either be projected on the wall or ceiling for easy viewing.

Our Thoughts

Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is very bare bones and is made for someone that isn’t looking for a multimedia system or to spend much on an alarm clock. For the price, this alarm clock delivers enough without costing much.

The USB charging is convenient. The projection display is extremely convenient, allowing the user to stay in bed without having to strain to see the time in the middle of the night. The projection feature is also excellent for elderly people with bad backs.

The Pros

  • Projection Display
  • USB Charging for Mobile Devices
  • Lithium Battery Backup
  • Automatically Sets Time & Date

The Cons

  • Lacks Audio Input
  • Lacks Wake-Up Light

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

About the Alarm Clock

Philips, the Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam that seems to have their hands in just about everything except cell phones. But what Philips is best known for is their light bulbs. This time around it is a lightbulb that is also an alarm clock.

The Philips Wake-Up Light is the most expensive product in this guide, coming in at around US$139.99. The Philips Wake-Up Light is designed to mimic the natural rising and setting of the sun by gradually dimming or brightening the light depending on the settings. The light brightening process begins 30 minutes before the alarm is set to sound.

Along with a sun mimicking light, this alarm clock includes 5 nature sounds to choose from including bird song, birds in the forest, zen garden, gentle piano, and seaside sounds. The natural sounds will gradually increase in intensity along with the light, giving a smooth waking experience.

The front display has 4 brightness settings to choose from along with the 10 brightness settings for the light. Philips boasts that their wake-up lights are the only brand to be clinically proven to aid waking up. This alarm clock lacks external audio input and charging for mobile devices.

Our Thoughts

Best Digital Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is very expensive and does not offer nearly as much as other clocks in the guide. For nearly US$140 we would like to see some form of external audio input and charging for mobile devices.

This clock would work best for those that work graveyard shifts, have abnormal sleep schedules, or live in a room that doesn’t receive much natural light. However, for the sake of buying an alarm clock, this model does offer much in return for the price. Unless your circumstances warrant the need for this alarm clock, it would probably be best to choose a different model.

The Pros

  • Clinically Proven Wake-Up Light

The Cons

  • Lacks Audio Input
  • Lacks USB Charging for Mobile Devices
  • Expensive

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

Now, we’ve got another alarm clock, developed by hOmeLabs, that is centered around its wake-up light. The hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock, like the previous Philips alarm clock, begins to brighten 30 minutes before the alarm is set to sound and includes a sunset dimming setting, easing the user into sleep.

The price is for this alarm clock is terribly cheap, costing around US$19.99 this alarm clock boasts a far more competitive price than for previous Philips alarm clock. There are 3 nature sounds to choose from including birds, lullaby, and ocean sounds.

The light features 6 color options to choose from and 10 brightness options when using the clock as a desk lamp. A built-in backup battery and USB charger are included. Options for external audio input and charging for mobile devices are not included.

Our Thoughts

Good Alarm Clock

This alarm clock offers many features that others have but for a far lower price point at around US$20. However, the wake-up light is far less gradual and gentle than the previous model we covered. Some customers have found the wake-up light to be quite abrupt.

If someone is looking for an alarm clock that specializes in wake-up lights then they may want to find something that better simulates the gradual process of the sun rising. For the price, it is no surprise this model offers zero external audio input or mobile device charging.

The Pros

  • Inexpensive

The Cons

  • Lacks Audio Input
  • Lacks USB Charging for Mobile Devices
  • Abrupt Wake-Up Light

9” Large LED Digital Alarm Clock

Lastly, we have the 9” Large LED Digital Alarm Clock. This is alarm clock is the most simple model in this entire guide, however, it serves the purpose of an effective alarm clock and more. On the back, 2 USB charging ports are located for charging mobile devices.

The 9-inch display is rather large for an alarm clock of this caliber, allowing those with poor eye site a clear view of the numbers. A dimmer switch is located on the back to control the brightness for the front display.

The snooze button is touch activated making it easier to tap the snooze button in the morning. The alarm can be set to gradually increase the volume over time, allowing for a smoother waking experience. The cost of this alarm clock averages at about US$23.99.

Our Thoughts

Coolest Alarm Clocks

This alarm clock is very bare bones and does not even have FM radio support. Simply put, this alarm clock is just an alarm clock. The only extra feature it has is the USB charging for mobile devices. The large and bright display would be excellent for elderly people who may find some modern displays too dim or small.

For the price, this alarm clock does just enough but does not fall short of itself. Don’t expect much out of this model and yet it accomplishes exactly what it is meant to.

The Pros

  • Cheap
  • Simple
  • Large Display
  • Gradual Alarm
  • USB Charging for Mobile Devices

The Cons

  • No Audio

Do You Need an Alarm Clock?

Just about everyone needs an alarm clock, the question is which alarm clock will best serve their needs. Some people may need an alarm clock that serves as a wake-up light, others may want an alarm clock that serves as a multimedia device, and others may want a basic alarm clock.

This guide has comprehensively covered many different types of alarm clocks that can serve different people with multiple needs. The choice for which alarm clock would be best is ultimately up to the user and their circumstances.

But we definitely have an opinion on which is the best alarm clock featured in this guide!

The Best Alarm Clock of 2020

Best Digital Clock

Accomplishing more than most ask for out of an alarm clock, the iHome iBT29BC definitely goes above and beyond other alarm clocks in this guide with an average price of US$55.

This alarm clock serves as an audio speaker for music and phone calls, a wake-up light, charging hub, and most importantly an alarm clock. No model is made perfectly, but for the price, the iHome iBT29BC goes above and beyond what is expected out of an alarm clock.

No matter which alarm clock you choose as long as it wakes you up in time is what matters the most. The method of how it wakes you up is for you to decide.

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