Arlo Audio Doorbell Review

Answering the doorbell will never be the same. “Why is that,” you may ask. And the answer is the latest Arlo product to hit the market, the Arlo Audio doorbell.

Arlo Audio Doorbell? Doesn’t Arlo Make Cameras?

That’s right. The good folks at Arlo have been on the market for a few years, but in that time they have made amazing leaps forward when it comes to home security tech. Their pride and joy are the versatile outdoor cameras such as Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2 and the wireless Arlo Go. Not only are these HD-ready products perfect for recording your front door (or any place in or out of the house, really), they also look phenomenal and provide you with clear, crisp video recordings. On top of all that, they’re compatible with popular software such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Why Are You Telling Me about Security Cameras? What about the Arlo Audio Doorbell?

There’s a reason why Arlo products are mentioned together. For now, let’s focus on the doorbell itself and see what it can do.

How Is it Different from Regular Doorbells?

Like any Arlo product, the Arlo Audio excels in how connected and state-of-the-art it is. For example, you can link the doorbell to your smartphone. That way, every time there’s a ring at the door, you get a notification. The cool thing is that you also get a notification if someone else inside the house answers the door.

Dealing with Visitors

Arlo Audio Doorbell

The Arlo Audio doorbell works in conjunction with any Arlo security camera hardware. In other words, you can link the bell with your Arlo Pro and see the person at the door via your cell phone.

If a mailman comes over and wants to deliver a package, you can literally tell him to drop it off, or just let him know you’d be there in a second. This is possible because of the 2-way audio feature. So if that package arrives while you’re at work, you can just tell the mailman the details in real time.

Moreover, if there are weird visitors or potential thieves, just use the 2-way audio of your Arlo Audio doorbell and order them to take a hike. That’s right, even with doorbells, Arlo provides you with safety and security.

What if I’m Busy?

If for some reason, you cannot open the door or answer the phone, there are easier options. The Arlo Audio app comes with some pre-recorded messages in case of truancy. Now let’s bring up that mailman as an example one more time. If he should come over and ring your door, but you have no time to talk on the phone because of a meeting, just pick one of several generated messages. That message will get to the mailman in the form of a recorded sentence, letting him know what to do next. It’s quick, easy, and it saves both you and the mailman precious time.

Ignoring to answer is also an option. If you don’t reply within 15 seconds, the automated message will pop up, letting the person outside know that you won’t be responding. But even more than that, they can leave a voice message by pressing the doorbell button one more time. You then get to hear the recorded message via the Arlo app.

Setting up Arlo Audio

With something this high-tech, you’d think it would take dozens of hours to set up. But that’s never the case with Arlo products, and their new doorbell is the same. Simply mount the device on its stand using the tools provided in the package and you’re good to go.

Arlo Audio works perfectly with other Arlo products, which is not really all that surprising. This includes working with the chime you already have set up. There’s literally no rewiring required.

And like quite a few other Arlo gadgets, the Arlo Audio is also wire-free. No tangles, no power cords, no hours lost on installation – it works like a charm without interruptions.


Arlo Audio Doorbell Review

Another major feature of the Arlo Audio is how durable it is. Like Arlo Go, it can withstand wind, rain, snow and really any other harsh weather. After all, it’s a doorbell, a piece of equipment that’s meant to be outside all day, every day. Taking that into consideration, Arlo has made it able to withstand the elements flawlessly.

Cloud Storage

Wait, cloud storage for a doorbell? Is that even possible?

Naturally, it’s cloud storage for audio files, but it’s there nonetheless. With this feature, you can listen to messages recorded up to seven days earlier. However, this doesn’t work if you have more than five security cameras.

Why You Should Buy the Arlo Audio Doorbell

Arlo Doorbell

Nearly everything about this doorbell sounds amazing. As a gadget, it’s compatible with all Arlo cameras, and you’ll rarely experience problems using them. The Arlo App covers it as well, so you don’t have to do any extra installation or connection work yourself. The same goes for installing the doorbell onto your wall. Never before has it been easier to do this, and you won’t have to worry about cords getting in the way.

In terms of software, the Arlo Audio performs superbly. You can literally talk to the person who’s visiting you before even opening the door. In fact, you don’t even have to be around to do this. Moreover, strangers will avoid popping over because you can just scare them off with the 2-way audio feature. And if you can’t really talk to the person visiting you, the doorbell will do it for you.

Why You Should Pass on the Arlo Audio Doorbell

There is one major setback with using Arlo Audio as your doorbell. It’s actually the proverbial “elephant in the room,” or in this case, in front of the house. Namely, you have to be an existing Arlo user to successfully use the doorbell. Otherwise, it’s pointless to have it if there are no cameras or apps to link it to.

But even with Arlo users, there’s the question of price. As a mere accessory, it’s priced close to $80, which is somewhat steep. Most people would choose to stick with regular doorbells. They cost less, their repairs cost less, and you don’t need an entire security plan to have them around. Sure, they don’t respond to the people who ring them, but at the end of the day, they get the job done.

Arlo Audio Doorbell – A Bit Demanding, But Still Pretty Good

Like all Arlo products, the Arlo Audio doorbell has proven that it’s worth every penny. It interacts with visitors in a way that not many doorbells do and connects to everything security-related in your house. Of course, it’s a little pricey and does require Arlo cameras and similar products to work well. But if you have these products, you’ll have an amazing combo that provides you with a safe, secure and rather enjoyable environment.

Anything related to Arlo products, including the Arlo Audio doorbell, can be found at their website at Arlo. This page is also the perfect place to visit if you’re not a regular Arlo user but would like to become one.

Arlo Audio Doorbell Review
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


The wireless audio doorbell from Arlo Audio is an excellent pick for those on the market for a new wireless doorbell. We can recommend it.

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