Amazon Echo vs Dot – What Is The Difference?

There seems to be a multitude of different smart speakers available on the market. The most famous smart speaker, Amazon Echo, has multiple iterations. Discerning the similarities and differences between the two can be a bit trickier than one would think.

In this article, we will be going over the differences and similarities between the Amazon Echo and its smaller sibling, the Amazon Echo Dot.

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The first notable difference anyone can see between the Amazon Echo and the Dot is the size difference. The Echo Dot measures 1.7 inches in height while the Amazon Echo measures a total of 5.8 inches in height. The Echo measures over 3 times the height of the Dot.

However, the Dot has a width of 3.9 inches, while the Echo has a width of 3.4 inches. Making the Echo Dot a half inch wider than its taller counterpart. This difference is so small that most will not notice.


One of the largest differences in quality between the Echo and the Echo Dot are the different speakers in each. The Echo Dot has a single speaker inside of it, measuring 1.6 inches in size. The Echo Dot contains no woofer or any sort of bass output.

Inside the Echo are a 2.5-inch woofer and a 0.6-inch tweeter. With a woofer and a tweeter, the Echo is able to produce far greater sound quality than the Dot can. The Dot’s sound quality isn’t horrible but would not be recommended for the sole purpose of a music speaker.


The Echo Dot is the more affordable of the two Echo models, costing around $50 for the 3rd generation model. A certified refurbished model of the Dot 2nd generation costs about $25, half of what the 3rd generation costs.

The main difference between the 2nd and 3rd generation is audio quality. The 2nd generation audio quality is quite horrible when it comes to music while the 3rd generation audio quality is passable for music. As previously stated, both generations of the Dot would not be recommended for music.

The 2nd generation Amazon Echo costs about $100, double the cost of the 3rd generation Echo Dot. A certified refurbished model of the 2nd generation Echo costs around $80, $20 cheaper than a brand new 2nd generation Echo model.

The 2nd generation Echo is able to command a price double of the 3rd generation Dot due to the added audio quality.

The Verdict

Alexa Vs Echo

Both the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot deliver an adequate virtual assistant with capabilities of controlling smart lights, appliances, and many other possibilities. Both models have similar designs when it comes to their controls and capabilities but differ greatly when it comes to audio quality.

The Echo 2nd generation has superior audio quality. Those looking for a smart speaker that will also double as a music speaker should choose the Echo over its smaller Dot counterpart.

For those looking to save money and have a simple smart speaker with a virtual assistant, we recommend saving some cash and purchasing the 3rd generation Dot. We specify the 3rd generation Dot over the 2nd generation due to the subpar audio quality the 2nd generation Dot delivers.

Regardless of whether choosing the Amazon Echo or the Dot, each will come fully equipped with Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant.

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