Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation

Amazon Echo also frequently called Alexa, has become one of the most popular smart speakers available. The Echo Dot is the most affordable of all Amazon Echo devices. With the 2nd generation costing around $25 and the 3rd generation costing about $50.

The 3rd generation Dot costs about double what the 2nd generation Dot costs. This is a fairly large price discrepancy between each generation. For such a price difference many would wonder if the 3rd generation is truly worth the extra cost.

In this article, we will be highlighting the similarities and differences between the 2nd and 3rd generation Echo Dot.

2nd Generation

The 2nd generation Amazon Echo Dot was released on October 20, 2016. Since the time of its release, it has been one of the highest selling Amazon Echo devices due to its affordability and unobtrusive size. The 2nd generation Dot measures 3.3 inches in width, while its height measures 1.3 inches.

However, one of the major complaints about 2nd generation Dot was its speaker quality. The speaker for the 2nd generation Dot measures a total of 1.1 inches. This speaker is completely inadequate for music and is best used for interfacing commands with Alexa.

3rd Generation

The 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot was released in September 2018, nearly 2 years after the 2nd generation Dot was released. With the 3rd generation comes changes to the design, the sides are covered with a mesh fabric.

The width of the 3rd generation Dot measures 3.9 inches, over a half inch larger than the 2nd generation. The height measures 1.3 inches, the same as the 2nd generation Dot. The greatest improvement with the 3rd generation Dot is the speaker quality.

The 3rd generation Dot comes with a 1.6-inch speaker, over a half inch larger than the 2nd generation speaker. The new speaker gives greater audio quality and louder sound output. Unlike the 2nd generation, the 3rd generation Dot does not use a micro USB plug.


The 3rd Generation Dot has better sound quality than its 2nd generation sibling. The 3rd generation has a width larger than the previous generation due to the need for a larger speaker. With added sound quality, the 3rd generation’s design looks of a higher quality than hockey puck resembling 2nd generation.

Though the 3rd generation Dot will give better audio quality than its predecessor, it still will not deliver the sound quality of a music speaker. However, the audio quality of the 3rd generation will sound much clearer and louder than the 2nd generation Dot.

The greatest difference between the two generations that most people will notice is the price difference. As the 3rd generation is about double the price of the 2nd generation. The added sound quality of the 3rd generation may justify the extra price for some and not for others.

Due to the size and design of the 3rd generation Dot, it can be placed easily in multiple rooms of the house without being obtrusive. The Echo Dot is an excellent smart speaker for bedrooms and other small rooms.

For those looking for an Amazon Echo that will double as a music speaker, we recommend the Amazon Echo or the Echo Plus. For the 3rd generation Dot, we recommend using it solely for its smart assistant capabilities.

Regardless of the generation of Echo Dot someone purchases, they will both have the same Amazon Alexa capabilities and features.

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