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Best Keurig Coffee

Best Keurig 2019 – Ultimate Buying Guide and Keurig Reviews

When you want a hot, freshly brewed cup of coffee in about a minute at the push of a button, Keurig coffee makers can’t be beaten. One of the best features of…
Best Exercise Bike For Knee Rehab

Best Exercise Bike For Bad Knees 2019 – The Perfect Buying Guide

When you have bad knees, it finding an exercise that’s you'll actually want to do can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many equipment options that can help you get a good…
Top Rated Dehumidifiers

Best Dehumidifier 2019 – The Complete Buying Guide

Humidifiers are one of the most popular household appliances, especially during the winter. But not everyone may need a humidifier, in certain regions a humidifier may be the exact opposite of what…
What Is The Best Dyson Vacuum
Best Dyson Vacuum 2019 – Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews
Mower Blade Grinder
Best Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener 2019 – Ultimate Guide and Reviews
Nordictrack Treadmill T6 5s
NordicTrack T 6.5S Review

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Robot Vacuum And Mop

Best Robot Mop 2019 – Buyer’s Guide and Robot Mop Reviews

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the popularity of robot vacuums it is that most people hate cleaning their homes and apartments. But now that one can do away with…
Robot Ratings

Best Robot Vacuum 2019 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

It seems every year the marketplace is getting flooded with more new offerings from all the big robot vacuum companies. This is good news for tech-heads, but headaches for regular people looking…
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review

The Chinese tech is long past the point of “catching up” to the West. They’ve proven it with cell phones, they’ve proven it with tablets, and now they’re in the process of…
Cozmo Anki Review
Anki Cozmo Review
Arlo Doorbell Review
Arlo Audio Doorbell Review
Meccano Home Icon Fixed
Meccano Home Has Launched!

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Google Home Or Alexa
Tips & Tricks

Google Home vs Amazon Echo – Which Should You Choose?

Google Home and Amazon Echo are the 2 leading models of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are AI based assistants that come pre-installed on smart speaker. Virtual assistants are programmed to aid in…
Best Uses For Alexa
Tips & Tricks

Amazon Echo Tips and Tricks – The Ultimate Guide

Amazon Echo, commonly known simply as Alexa, is one of the best selling smart speakers in the world. The commands for controlling Alexa are fairly simple but there is always more to…
Echo Dot Second Generation
Tips & Tricks

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation vs 3rd Generation

Amazon Echo also frequently called Alexa, has become one of the most popular smart speakers available. The Echo Dot is the most affordable of all Amazon Echo devices. With the 2nd generation…
Alexa In Spanish
How To
How To Change Alexa’s Voice
Amazon Echo Setup
How To
How To Setup Amazon Alexa
Borax Slime
How To
How to Make Slime